It wasn’t that long ago that anyone who had a near-death experience would simply not speak of it for fear of condemnation. There are thousands of people that have died and observed everything that went on around them in an out-of-body experience.

Others have crossed into another realm, seeing both loved ones and spiritual representations of ‘God’. The numbers of people that continue to report these experiences continue to increase, and it seems science has started to listen.

Science Questions Science

The University of Southampton in England has conducted a study of over 2,000 patients, involving 360 that were listed as ‘clinically dead’. The results of their study has made them question the assumed method of the way the body dies. This has left an additional question unanswered as to if there is type of life after death.

Spiritual Transcendence

For the people that have personally gone through crossing over, there is no question. Many have returned as completely changed individuals, recognizing a second chance in life. Some have described the transcendence as a rebirth and others as an opportunity to right the wrongs in their lives. Even those that chose suicide, returned with the message that it went against the laws of the universe.