A prominent neurosurgeon claims he has proof that heaven really exists. Dr. Eben Alexander, known for his work at Harvard and Duke, has written a book entitled Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey Into the Afterlife recently published by Simon & Schuster. In this work he discusses his personal experience that took him from skeptic to believer.

His life changing experience occurred back in November 2008 with what began as intense head and back pain along with moments of lost consciousness.

It was discovered that he had contracted bacterial meningitis and E. coli bacteria was eating away at his brain. Even while receiving the best care at the hospital where he worked, the prognosis did not look good with slim chances of survival.

A prominent neurosurgeon claims he has proof that heaven really exists.

Shortly after, he fell into a seven-day coma where brain functioning was completely inactive. This turned out to be a critical moment for his spiritual awakening.

The Heavenly Experience

During this comatose period he describes himself as having no body awareness, just experiencing consciousness. “I was just a speck of awareness in a kind of dark, murky environment, in roots or vessels or something,” as stated in an interview. That feeling continued for quite some time as if it were years.

Dr. Alexander was finally rescued from this strange environment by a beautiful energy form of white spinning light. It was also very musical and melodic. The light eventually morphed into a lovely valley with blooming flowers. Unlike an earthly valley, the one he viewed seemed “ultra-real,” indescribably rich and complex.

The experience continued with his journey on the wing of a butterfly with a young woman who turned out to be a biological sister he never knew.

At one point he also mentioned coming into contact with a divine presence and received an important message. He was told that he would not stay in this place much longer; rather he would learn many things from what he saw and then he would go back.

The Return

Upon his miraculous recovery Dr. Alexander had to come to terms with this experience. He had witnessed heaven while in that seven-day coma.

As a lifelong scientist, naturally he was skeptical. Well aware of conditions like “ICU psychosis” and similar experiences of coma patients he came to the conclusion as written in his book: “There is no scientific explanation for the fact that while my body lay in coma, my mind – my conscious, inner self – was alive and well.”

His experience still draws criticism from the scientific community. Among the most vocal is physicist Victor Stenger, the author of God: The Failed Hypothesis: How Science Shows that God Does Not Exist. Stenger considers Dr. Alexander’s argument as classically flawed and coming from ignorance. Although there may be no scientific explanation for his experience currently, it does not mean that one doesn’t exist or won’t be found according to Stenger.

Despite the skeptics’ views, Dr. Alexander is now a confirmed believer in the heavenly experience of the afterlife and is continuing to spread the word.

His book is a #1 New York Times bestseller and he has given numerous interviews across the U.S. Even Newsweek did a feature cover story in October about his experience. His message also continues on the Internet with his own website and various YouTube interviews.

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