Old St. Mary’s Church in Chophill, England is thought to be around 650 years old. The original name was The Old Parish Church, later renamed to The Church of St. Mary the Virgin, shortened to St. Mary’s and was replace with the ‘new’ St. Mary’s Church in 1848. In the 1950’s the old church was used as a mortuary and then later fell into ruin. However, as with many old buildings in England that has stood through the test of time, there has been a number of situations that have occurred, some positive and some on the dark side.

Word has it that in the 1960’s the building that was once the example of local religious commitment, became the center for a number of satanic rituals. As with almost all of the churches in many communities, St. Mary’s had a graveyard and it is said that people celebrating the horrid rituals were digging up human bones and arranging them in patterns for their rituals. The desecration became the focus of nationwide media attention as similar occurrences were happening in a few locations throughout the country.

Although few from the local community ever bothered to return to Old St. Mary’s, the site’s long historical past did draw the attention of the curious as well as the more serious. It was the latter that caused two paranormal investigators to show up at the location. They had been traveling throughout England investigating old sites looking for evidence of the presence of ghosts and spirits.

One of the investigators stated that they had been standing on the public road that was just outside of the church for around ten minutes while his partner tested the camera on his phone. When they returned to view the video footage they watched as what seemed to be a black-hooded monk walk across the archway of the old church. The video is only forty six seconds long but the image is quite clear and they have posted the video online for all to view.

The investigators reaffirmed that of all of the locations they had visited, the video footage at Old St. Mary’s church was by far, the most compelling.