The White Lion pub in Yateley, England is often filled with some of the 22,000 local residents. It is known as a friendly location for the living and apparently for someone who has passed as well. The pub manager, Kate Staniszewska is very serious about the fact that a spirit dwells in the pub and on October 15th, just a small bit before Halloween, they caught the image of the spirit on video.

Andy Froker, who was responsible for the video recording, said that the pub alarm had gone off and he wanted to know the reason. The video that resulted displays a misty figure that crosses across the window and stairs. Of course, he also stated that it isn’t the first time that something strange has happened in the pub. On one occasion there were three of them in the publ and he was serving someone at the bar. The former manager was upstairs. They are a glass fall off of the shelf and smash and when they looked at the video of the circumstance, the glass appeared to have been flung off of the shelf, rather than fallen.

The website “Ghost Pubs” specializes in featuring haunted pubs and they have included White Lion on their extensive list. It is believed that the White Lion hosts the spirit of James Rogers, who was the first licensee. But this seems to be only one of a couple of spirits that have taken up residency at the White Lion. Staniszewska believes that the spirit that was filmed on the staircase is one of a woman that seems to appear quite often. She resides at the White Lion and indicated that the apparition has appeared quite a few times and only at the location on the stairs. She also stated that she can feel when the spirit presence is near.

England has many historic locations that are known for the presence of both good and malevolent spirits. In the case of James Rogers, his preference for the location of the video camera became quite apparent when they relocated it and it was set off in the middle of the night. It continued to do so until they moved it back, thereby appeasing his request to have it closer to the bar, which was one of his favorite places.