While most children are going back to school for the “three R’s,” according to an article in ColoradoDaily.com, kids in Colorado are learning psychic and intuitive skills at Boulder's Psychic Horizons Center. Most conventional educators would think this involves séances and ghosts, but the curriculum of “Psychic Courses for Children” is not what they’d expect. It is designed for average children, not just those gifted with a sixth sense.

In fact a typical class according to teacher Stacia Synnestvedt includes arts and crafts, games, singing songs and quiet time. It sounds remarkably similar to some of the things going on in a normal everyday classroom.

Synnestvedt’s goal is to help children by validating their feelings and just paying attention to them. Classes emphasize connecting with intuition and inner wisdom, things that most children already have but lose as they grow up. She also teaches children about healthy boundaries, personal space and channeling their energy. Synnestvedt claims her classes can help improve a child’s confidence levels as well as their sleeping habits.

Through lessons in grounding themselves and their energy, children can feel more empowered.

Classes are held monthly on third Fridays for students ranging in age from 5 through 10. Synnestvedt has also run a kid’s healing clinic and even put on a psychic camp for older children. Classes are drop-in format so the number of students can range anywhere from a handful to over a dozen.

Rather than focus on the term “psychic” she prefers to speak in terms of energy and emotional awareness. Words like “spirit or essence” are also used in her classes. Essentially she believes these concepts illustrate the true meaning of “psychic” as being intuitive and sensitive. Synnestvedt breaks it all down into ideas that children easily understand.

A big concept taught in her classes is distinguishing between emotions that are the child’s and emotions that come from others. It is important for children to retain their emotional boundaries despite other people’s actions or opinions. They learn to avoid getting caught up in another person’s drama.

Through lessons in grounding themselves and their energy, children can feel more empowered. These techniques help kids to separate themselves from chaotic, stressful and emotional situations. They can learn how to remain in their own bodies and personal space regardless of what is going on around them.

Synnestvedt says, “You learn tools like grounding to the earth, letting go of energy that isn’t yours and then refilling, calling your energy back.”

While all this seems very similar to yoga or meditation practice, the Psychic Horizons Center goes a bit further. Once children are ready, they can move on to the more esoteric concepts like aura reading, working with spirit guides and advanced energy work.
Synnestvedt talks about laying a good foundation through her classes: “I don’t expect a 5-year-old to grasp all of this right away, but it’s like we’re planting a seed.”

She emphasizes the importance of teaching children these skills while they are still young. As they mature, societal programming and influence often takes over and they get further away from their “true selves.” Layers of “stuff” are added while moving towards adulthood and it becomes more difficult to peel them away. Providing these tools at a young age can help children remain centered as they grow.

As an adult student Synnestvedt has firsthand knowledge of peeling back all those layers to reach her inner nature or “true self.” She took psychic classes because she wanted to improve her life and achieve better health, more energy and greater happiness. She wants to see similar benefits for her students.

Classes have gained positive feedback, particularly from Vicki Smith who has brought four of her grandchildren to the Psychic Horizons Center. Her grandkids ages 9 through 16 are excited and love talking about what they’ve learned in class.


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