Did you know there is actually a day dedicated to all things psychic? Monday, August 4, 2014 is National Psychic Day. In fact, this day actually kicks off National Psychic Week, designated as the first full week of August. So, how are you going to celebrate?

History and Origins

National Psychic Day and National Psychic Week have been traced back to a 1965 publicity stunt dreamed up by Richard R. Falk. He was a Broadway Press agent who managed a number of well-known celebrity psychics. In order to drum up business, he created the so-called national holiday.

A good way to celebrate this day (and week) is by supporting your local psychic.

Although it’s uncertain whether or not the holiday improved business for Falk and his clients, it certainly is a whimsical reminder to pay homage to psychics and psychic abilities.

Support Your Local Psychic

A good way to celebrate this day (and week) is by supporting your local psychic. Is there a psychic in your community? If so, why not stop in for a session? No advisors nearby? Then check out some of the popular online sites and book an introductory reading. Who knows? You may just find a wonderful reader that you’ll go back to again and again.

This day also serves as a reminder that psychics are people too—meaning, they are professionals who deserve respect and recognition. Although there are a few charlatans out there, most psychics are dedicated entrepreneurs who seek to provide a valuable service. Many people forget that or take it for granted; thinking spiritual services should always be free. In a perfect world, they would be. However, psychics have to pay the bills just like the rest of us. Honor them and their work by paying their fees.

Celebrate Your Psychic Abilities

Hey, this day isn’t just for psychics; it’s for all of us! We all have intuitive and psychic abilities. Now is the perfect time to start honing them!

Try waking up those dormant abilities by engaging in a few exercises. See if you can guess who is calling or texting before you look at your phone. Flip a coin and see if you can predict whether it will land as head or tails. Grab a deck of cards and pull one out without looking; try to guess its color or suit.

Enjoy this fun holiday and let it be an opportunity to explore the psychic realm!