When it comes to pregnancy, timing is everything. Whether trying to conceive naturally or with the assistance of fertility treatments, having an optimal date range is imperative for success. Some more traditional methods of pinpointing fertile days include using ovulation calendars, monitoring cervical fluid and taking basal temperature. But what about alternative methods? Astrology may offer some help.

Progressions and Pregnancy

According to UK based astrologer Pat Harris, PhD., the positions of the planets play a role in conception, most notably the alignments of Venus and Jupiter. She discovered that the angles of these planets in relation to a woman’s natal birth chart could give clues to the most fertile years in a woman’s life. Furthermore, these planetary relationships can help narrow down the windows of opportunity for successful conception.

According to UK based astrologer Pat Harris, PhD., the positions of the planets play a role in conception, most notably the alignments of Venus and Jupiter.

Dr. Harris’s research titled Applications of Astrology to Health Psychology: Astrological Factors and Fertility Treatment Outcomes, gives details regarding the progressions that can impact a woman’s fertility. A progression occurs when an astrologer takes a birth chart and advances the timeline or “progresses” it to a specific time or date in the future. By doing so, it can predict possible outcomes. As a consulting astrologer for 30 years, Dr. Harris employed the use of progressive charts for clients in many areas of their lives with great success.

The Research Study

The research study itself involved worked with historical astrological models from the ancient astronomer Ptolemy and 17th century English astrologer William Lilly. They too had done research regarding the relationships between planetary alignments and a woman’s fertile years. Ptolemy’s view showed Venus as favorable for conception, while Saturn’s placement indicates potential infertility. Lilly’s writings associated a variety of factors with a woman’s likelihood of having children.

Working with past models and modern methods, Dr. Harris started with an exploratory group of women undergoing fertility treatments. She divided them into two groups: those successfully achieving a live birth and those who did not have a baby. After consulting their birth charts and calculating the progressions, she concluded that Venus and Jupiter play a major role in having children.

For conception, Dr. Harris found that four particular alignments had better chances for success. First was the Sun and Venus making contact within six months on both sides of the fertility treatment or intercourse date. Second was contact between the Moon and Venus within the two weeks straddling the date. Third was Jupiter’s position contacting major angles or natal Sun, Moon, Venus or Jupiter within three months on both sides of the activity date. The fourth involved ascendant or midheaven contacting Jupiter and Venus.

Further Implications

These “astro-fertility” windows as described by Dr. Harris provide hope for women trying to conceive. By determining optimal dates for conception, there is a higher chance of a successful live birth regardless of whether fertility treatments or traditional methods are used. According to her research, when fertility treatments coincide with the astro-fertility windows, successful outcomes were increased by almost 25 percent.

Dr. Harris continues to study astrological progressions related to pregnancy and is working on additional data. Her goal is to continually improve this model while engaging the cooperation of alternative healthcare professionals. Hopefully this becomes an even better and more accurate diagnostic tool.

In fact, her research has prompted the development of a computerized system to assist women with conception times. Imagine going to a fertility clinic or medical center and having an online program calculate your individualized fertility windows while you schedule your treatments. It may soon be a reality.

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