Get ready to welcome another astrological change as the Sun greets Leo on Monday July 22, 2013 at 11:56 am Eastern Time. This transit is actually a homecoming of sorts since the Sun rules the Sign of the Lion. What kind of energy can we expect from now until August 22nd? Anticipate a positive boost of warmth, optimism and confidence. We’ll all have something to roar about!

Here Comes the Sun

The classic Beatles tune, “Here Comes the Sun” is quite fitting right now. After floating around in the emotional waters of Cancer along with the recent water trines, a little bit of sunshine is just what the doctor ordered. The Leo Sun will help dry some of the moody tears being shed lately and keep you from drowning in a sea of drama. You’ll feel buoyant and much happier!

Anticipate a positive boost of warmth, optimism and confidence. We’ll all have something to roar about!

Embrace the warmth of the Sun both literally and figuratively. Get out there and catch some rays while summer is in full swing. Hit the beach, have a picnic in the park or just relax in your own backyard. Let the Sun’s rays nourish your body and soul, driving away any negativity. Keep in mind the immortal words of George Harrison as he sang, “Here comes the sun and I say it’s alright.”

Hearts on Fire

The Sun’s entry into Leo brings a fiery energy with it that goes straight to our bosom. We are encouraged to open our hearts and share our love now. You will likely notice greater feelings of generosity and gregariousness in yourself and in others—the Summer of Love has arrived!

Speaking of the heart and heartfelt feelings, it is important to remember the symbolism of Leo. Represented by the Lion, this sign reminds us of the quality of courage or lionheartedness. It’s also interesting to note that the origin of the word courage comes from “coeur” the French word for heart. Don’t be surprised if you’re feeling a bit braver and bolder these days. Put these sensations to good use by taking a chance on love. Go ahead; ask out that person you’ve had your eye on. And don’t be afraid to make showy and open declarations of love to anyone you care about. Set your heart (and theirs) on fire!

Get Ready to Roar

The Sun’s time in Leo also points to a chance for a little self-promotion. Showcase your ideas, skills and talents. The energy of this transit says “spotlight” so take advantage and try putting yourself on center stage for a while. Just remember everyone else will be doing the same, so we’ll all need to share the limelight—that way everyone gets a chance to roar!

You may also choose to “roar” on a more personal level. The Sun in Leo fosters creativity, so this is an excellent time to cultivate your artistic and imaginative talents. If that’s not your thing, then you may find yourself roaring for somebody else by supporting his or her work. Or you could find yourself as part of a roaring crowd at a concert, a play, a party or some other fun artsy event.

Finally the Sun in Leo symbolizes children. After all, who is more creative and capable of a roaring good time than kids? Vow to spend some time with children during this transit. It will be fun for all of you. Otherwise, consider letting your inner child come out and play this month. Engage in a little boisterous childlike fun. Go to an amusement park or spend some time splashing in the pool—and don’t forget to laugh and roar!

While the Sun visits Leo, enjoy the warm feelings. Let your heart soar and your voice roar!