Another New Moon cycle is here and that means it’s time for you to set goals that you hope to achieve by the Full Moon. The New Moon will occur on Saturday March 1, 2014 at 3am Eastern Time within 10 degrees of Pisces. Plans you make now will blossom near March 16th when the Moon goes full in Virgo.

The Sea of Imagination

This New Moon is a great time to take advantage of the positive aspects of Piscean energy. That means delving into the sea of imagination. Let your mind wander and allow yourself to daydream. Indulge yourself in a little fantasy and get your creative juices flowing.

This New Moon is a great time to take advantage of the positive aspects of Piscean energy.

What do you wish to create in your life? Now’s the perfect time to explore. If you already have something in mind, try creating a vision board around it. The Pisces New Moon will give your plans the “oomph” they need to grow and develop.

Diving Off the High Board

Although most people associate Pisces and Piscean energy with being wishy-washy, the Sign of the Fish is actually capable of taking great leaps of faith. Just think about those salmon that swim upstream to spawn. If it’s for something that is truly important and soul fulfilling, the energy of Pisces knows no bounds and will dive right in.
Is there some risk you’re dying to take that will make your heart and soul sing? This Moon says go for it and take that dive off the high board. The signs point to making a splash, but even if you belly flop, you will have discovered a new strength within you.

Floating Along

Have you ever observed fish in an aquarium? Aren’t they both beautiful and relaxing to watch? They are rarely in a hurry and simply glide to and fro. Some even hide amongst the coral or just hang out near the bottom.

Take some inspiration from our finned friends. Learn how to just float along and relax. This New Moon energy is also about healing and self-nurturing. Connecting with water is one of the best things you can do right now. If you’re lucky enough to travel to a warm beach destination, do it. Otherwise, float in an indoor pool, sit in a hot tub, or simply soak in a bubble bath.

Embrace this Pisces New Moon and let it fill your soul!