This month’s New Moon will occur on Sunday February 10, 2013 at 2:20am Eastern Time in Aquarius at 21 degrees. The Sun will also be Aquarius at this time. Look for a double dose of Aquarian energies until the Sun moves into Pisces. This current phase is a great time to focus on your unique gifts and talents. Be an original and dare to be different!

Express Your Individuality

Aquarian energy is quirky, unique and unusual. If you have been feeling boxed in lately or stifled in any way, now is the time to break free. Go ahead and express the real you. As the famous Irish poet and writer Oscar Wilde quipped, “Be yourself; everyone else is taken.”

Use the energies of this New Moon to actively manifest your thoughts and desires. Take a new twist on your manifestations by visualizing them as electric current running through the universe.

If you sometimes wonder who the real you is, now is the perfect time to find out. New Moon energy is ripe for beginnings. Whatever you focus on now will continue to grow and flourish until the Full Moon in Virgo later this month. Take this opportunity to really get to know yourself. Just what exactly makes you, you? Start by making a list of all your special traits and qualities. What is unique about your appearance and character? What are your gifts and talents? Have fun with this—take some online personality quizzes and surveys. You might be surprised by what you discover!

Think and Be Different

Aquarian energies are also influenced by Uranus. This is the planet of surprise and imagination. It provides inspiration, invention, brainstorming and creative genius. New and exciting thoughts are likely to enter your mind throughout this transit. There will be plenty of mental electricity flying through the air!

Capitalize on these vibrations by engaging and challenging your brain. Try working with puzzles or playing creative thinking games like Pictionary. Also watch your dreams (and daydreams) during this period. Sudden flashes of insight are quite possible now. Be sure to keep a notepad handy at all times! As this transit progresses, you might find that you are thinking differently. Perhaps your mind is more open to unconventional or offbeat ideas and topics. Embrace them, as they will help you grow. You may even begin to feel different too.

Finally, use the energies of this New Moon to actively manifest your thoughts and desires. Take a new twist on your manifestations by visualizing them as electric current running through the universe. Shake up any routines you may have when it comes to your affirmations and mantras. Employ the Aquarian/Uranus love of technology by setting up “affirmation time” reminder alarms on your Smartphone. Or try creating an electronic vision board using a collage app.

Daring Group Dynamics

Daring to be different isn’t limited to individuals at this New Moon period. It also applies to group dynamics. Aquarius is a humanitarian sign and loves to be part of a cause or movement. Groups of all kinds will be inspired to think more creatively and more forward. If you are part of a team at work, expect ideas to flow freely. While compromises may not come easily at first, this New Moon will help shape collective ideas. There will be overall unity in the vision or big picture, but you’ll all need a little time to iron out the details.

If you aren’t involved in any group projects, now would be a perfect time to start. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, seek out like-minded people who share your interests, goals and dreams. Volunteer groups, humanitarian efforts, unions and political causes are all highlighted during this New Moon. Chances are you will come up with some amazing ideas and effect real change!

Connect with the energies of this transit to find and express your true authentic self. Take pride in your individuality—quirks and all! And don’t be afraid to share those quirks with others. Dare to be different!