It’s the astrological time that many of us love to hate—Mercury Retrograde. This transit will begin on Monday October 21, 2013 at 6:28 am Eastern Time and end on Sunday November 10th at 4:12 pm when Mercury goes direct again. What to expect this time around? As you probably know, plans generally go awry, computers and electronics go haywire and communications are messy and muddled. But this Mercury Retrograde occurs within 18 degrees of Scorpio, so we’ll be subjected to the scorpion’s stinging energy as well.

Retrograde Reminders

Most people expect the worst during Mercury Retrograde. From broken down vehicles to screwed up paperwork, there are feelings of confusion, frustration and going around in circles. Murphy’s Law is the order of the day and “if anything can go wrong, it will.”

But this Mercury Retrograde occurs within 18 degrees of Scorpio, so we’ll be subjected to the scorpion’s stinging energy as well.

Mercury is a small fast moving planet known as the Messenger of the Gods. You may have seen him depicted wearing golden sandals with wings. He rules over communications, transportation and shipping. He also deals with education, truth and intelligence. These areas are off kilter during the retrograde, so as a reminder, be extra careful when travelling, communicating and starting or buying anything new. Avoid signing contracts and entering into agreements as things may change or fall through.

Aside from the anticipated problems and delays encountered during the retrograde, it’s also important to remember that this period can help you take care of old projects and tie up loose ends. Things that you put on the back burner or forgot about may suddenly pop up and remind you that they need attention. Forgot to fix that drippy faucet or finish cleaning out the garage? What about backing up those computer files? Chances are somehow or some way, they will rear their ugly heads and demand to be put off no longer.

Retrograde Rewind

Besides nagging chores and other Mercury madness, there is an upside to it all. A retrograde period encourages us to do a life rewind. Odds are likely that you’ll run into old friends you haven’t seen in a while, be reunited with long lost family members or meet up with a sweetheart from the past.

Your personal retrograde rewind isn’t limited to people either. Sudden urges to take up old hobbies could surface as well. It’s possible you might also dust off some old books to re-read or dig up some music you used to listen to back in the day. Who knows? It just might be even better the second time around. Have fun with it and see what comes up for you.

Sting Operation

Not all Mercury Retrogrades are created equal. Each one is unique and has a different flavor depending on the sign involved. This transit has Mercury in Sign of the Scorpion, so in addition to all the traditional retrograde experiences, there will be Scorpio energy to deal with—it could be stinging for many. Let’s see how.

Scorpio is secretive, investigative and loves a good mystery. During this retrograde period, its energy could bring up secrets or rattle old skeletons in the closet. You may be forced to deal with fears or emotional issues that you thought were hidden away for good. Dredging up old wounds might sting, but this is an opportunity to dig deep, learn and transform.

This stinging energy could also inspire you to tackle perplexing problems that constantly resurface. Scorpio is a deep thinker; so this retrograde might have you tackling a variety of dilemmas, most likely those related to sex, death and taxes, which are often in Scorpio’s realm. You might just arrive at answers that explain the mysteries of the opposite sex, the afterlife and even of a 1040 tax form!

Embrace the energy of this Mercury Retrograde period with all its potential challenges. Despite the Scorpion’s sting, you will learn from the past, revamp the present and emerge much wiser.