So far, this month has been chock full of exciting planetary aspects, and there are plenty more to come! On Saturday July 20, 2013 we will greet Mercury’s return to direct motion in Cancer at 2:22 pm Eastern Time. Meanwhile, the effects of the Grand Water Trine will still be among us and further intensified by the planet Mars as it trines both Neptune and Saturn.

At 3:42 pm Eastern Time Mars trines Neptune (retrograde) in Pisces and at 5:42 pm Eastern Time Mars trines Saturn in Scorpio. It’s full speed ahead for planning, communicating and taking action to achieve your dreams.

Mercury Goes Direct in Cancer

In retrograde motion since June 26th, the Messenger of the Gods will direct now. How did you handle this energy over the last three weeks? Did you suffer the expected troubles of a typical Mercury Retrograde like miscommunications and computer glitches? Perhaps you encountered more emotional stirrings and uprisings due to the moodiness associated with Cancer. Well, no matter what you experienced, congratulate yourself for making it through.

This aspect will also have you going deep within and learning about yourself. New self-revelations will emerge and you’ll grow by leaps and bounds!

Now that Mercury is direct, you can resume any projects that seemed to go nowhere and get a jump-start on new endeavors. You’ll find it much easier to explain your ideas and express your feelings. Emotions may have been on a roller coaster ride lately, but now they will smooth out. In fact, this is a great time to use your feelings and impulses as a springboard to achieve your goals. If it feels right, then go for it!

Mars Trines Neptune

When Mars, the God of War meets up with Neptune, the God of the Sea, you might expect a clash of the Titans, but a trine is a harmonious aspect. The planets are 120 degrees apart and will naturally support each other—it’s as if they were meant to go together perfectly!

With Mars in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces, we will see some beneficial action relative to intuition, creativity and dreams. Without Mars, you might just float along downstream never really giving any serious effort to your hopes and wishes. So if your aims have been a bit nebulous or you’ve been uninspired, you’ll gain some clarity now. Mars will help you take action. He will give you the drive to sail your ship towards its destination rather than just floating along.

If you’ve been feeling lost emotionally or have given up on any of your dreams, Mars will help you see your way out of the fog and emerge empowered. There’s no time for a pity party, it’s time for a coming out party!

Mars Trines Saturn

At the same time, the God of War will also meet up with the Lord of Karma. Again, this trine will effortlessly bring out the best of both worlds much to our benefit. While Mars along with Neptune will help your dreams take shape, the addition of Saturn will help you see the lessons and destiny in pursuing your visions.

Whenever Saturn is involved it means stability, discipline and hard work—those things that often make us groan. Yet, this time it won’t be a struggle. Thanks to Mars, you’ll have the energy and warrior like spirit to tackle any so-called obstacle. In fact, it won’t seem difficult at all! Any effort required will be a labor of love. You’ll find it much easier gain discipline and control over anything that holds you back or gets in your way.

This aspect will also have you going deep within and learning about yourself. New self-revelations will emerge and you’ll grow by leaps and bounds!

Embrace the variety of energies on this day. They will propel you forward not only today but also for weeks and months to come!