Jupiter, known as the King of the Gods or the Great Fortune (currently in Cancer), will be turning backwards in retrograde motion beginning on Thursday November 7, 2013 at 12:03 am Eastern Time. He will remain in retrograde until March 6, 2014. During this period, our normally generous and happy go lucky planet will turn his back for a while, leaving us feeling less gregarious and more inwardly focused.

Jupiter Takes a Hiatus

Astrologically speaking, Jupiter is like Santa Claus; he loves to give gifts. When Jupiter visits a sign and/or house in your chart, you are likely to experience fortune, favor and even fame! This is an optimistic planet that gives you extra buoyancy and a boost in achieving your goals and dreams.

However, until early March, our jovial giver of gifts will be on hiatus. It seems ironic that he will be away as we celebrate the traditional Yule season with all its festivities and exchange of presents. As a result, we will likely experience a more subdued and reflective holiday season.

During this period, our normally generous and happy go lucky planet will turn his back for a while, leaving us feeling less gregarious and more inwardly focused.

Jupiter will appear to move backwards in the sky from our earthly view, thus indicating a retrograde. The planet itself does not move backwards, it’s just an optical illusion. Yet, we will all feel a change in energy due to its motion. When the planet of luck and chance retrogrades, we all feel like we have to work a little bit harder and take on a more serious tone.

Energy Turns Inwards

As Jupiter turns his energy inwards, so will we. His reversal will inspire us to focus on our inner selves. Instead of giving and receiving outward gifts, we will seek the inner gifts of spirituality, philosophy and personal integrity. This is an excellent time to review your entire perspective on life. You might benefit from reading and studying the works of great philosophers or spiritual leaders whom you admire. Also consider attending lectures or workshops. All that you learn will help you on your inner quest.

Jupiter also encourages expansion, but now as he contracts, he will have you asking some important questions. Have you expanded yourself in every direction, taking on too much? It may be time to pull back and simplify your life. Or perhaps you’ve gotten too big for your britches, becoming overconfident to the point where it’s detrimental? Maybe it’s time to practice more humility. Whatever the case may be, the energy of this transit will help you identify what you need to work on in order to become your most authentic self.

Family Matters

It’s important to remember that even while retrograde, Jupiter still remains in the sign of Cancer. Although a lot depends on where Jupiter falls in your individual chart, overall there will be a home and family theme to this period. Cancer’s nostalgic bent and love of home and hearth will have us exploring family matters.

How appropriate that Thanksgiving occurs during this time. A holiday devoted to gratitude, harvest and family goes hand in hand with Cancer’s energy. However due to the retrograde, things may be a little different this Turkey Day. The abundance experienced in family gatherings past may not be apparent this year. Many of us are still struggling economically, so tables may not be as full—but they’ll still be full of love. It’s also quite possible that the number of family members present is smaller this year. Some may not be able to travel or may have to forgo the festivities due to work. Regardless, family will be highlighted.

Family matters will also touch upon emotions and nostalgia during the retrograde. You might find yourself reminiscing more often now, or missing deceased loved ones with more intensity lately. This is also a good time to rid yourself of any long held family grudges. Go within, forgive and let bygones be bygones.

Embrace the energy of Jupiter retrograde and let it help you focus on yourself and the things that matter most.