This month’s Full Moon is set to arrive at 4:28 am Eastern Time within 25 degrees of Gemini. Known as the Cold Moon or the Long Nights Moon among the Native American tradition, this lunar transit will have us engaged in many activities as we welcome the winter holidays.

The Cold Moon

The early Native Americans did not use Julian or Gregorian calendars to mark time; instead they observed the seasonal changes that took place at each Full Moon. In their earthly wisdom, December’s Full Moon was called either the Cold Moon or the Long Nights Moon. These names are both logical and appropriate as this time of year brings us both cold weather and long winter nights in most areas.

Known as the Cold Moon or the Long Nights Moon among the Native American tradition, this lunar transit will have us engaged in many activities as we welcome the winter holidays.

Although the season’s chill is upon us and the evenings are dark, take a moment to look up at the Moon during this transit. Appreciate its luminescent glow and let it serve as a metaphor of how there is always light, even in the most somber times.

If you had the foresight to plan new projects or initiate goals during the New Moon earlier this month, you should now start to reap the fruits of your labor. And if you didn’t make any plans, don’t worry; the Full Moon will Illuminate some possibilities for the future.

Spotlight on Information

This Moon will put a spotlight on information—written, spoken, visual, digital—you name it. There was a song back in the 80s by The Police called “Too Much Information” that captures this theme perfectly in these lines: “Too much information running through my brain, Too much information driving me insane.” Don’t be surprised if you’re bombarded and overwhelmed by it all. There will be a lot to process, so try to take it all in stride.

The planet Mercury rules Gemini, so its power will be felt at this Full Moon. That not only means information, it also means communication. And with Uranus turning direct in the skies, it also adds to the mix. This planet of surprises and technology can bring inspiration, ideas and news flashes out of the blue. Combine the Full Moon along with the influence of Mercury and Uranus and you can expect plenty of activity on social media. Be on the lookout for interesting revelations and conversations.

Harried Holidays

This Full Moon along with all the other astrological forces will definitely impact the holiday season. Anxiety and tension will be on high alert. You may feel scattered as you try to complete your shopping and preparations or you could find yourself rethinking some of your purchases as you get new information on sales.

Electronics and techie gifts will be hot this season (thanks to Uranus), so you might end up bouncing from store to store to get that perfect last minute deal. Here’s a helpful tip—check online first before you go anywhere and keep your shopping list on your Smartphone so you don’t lose it. A Gemini Full Moon demands quick mental shifts, so try your best to stay organized so you can keep up.

Although your nerves might get a little frazzled around this Full Moon, the happy excitement of the season will make it all worthwhile. The energy of this lunar transit promises lots of socializing and merry making. Despite the shopping mall crazies, the overall vibe should be bright and cheery. Chances are that you’ll get a myriad of invites since Gemini loves to party. Don’t be afraid to accept any and all invitations, but be sure to carefully mark your calendar so you don’t miss a beat.

Enjoy this month’s Full Moon and let its light brighten those cold winter nights!