The Sun recently made its journey into the sign of Virgo on Wednesday August 22 and will remain there until September 22, 2012. The Sun’s transit into Virgo not only influences those born under this sign, it affects all of us. Psychics and sensitive people can feel the changing energies of this period. According to astrology writer Anne Nordhaus-Bike there are many influential changes to be expected during this time.

She suggests that this transit takes us from spirit to body since the Sun is moving from fire sign Leo to earth sign Virgo. The exuberance of summer now winds down and shifts into the more focused energies of autumn. Virgo, ruled by Mercury is also a mentally oriented sign. Nordhaus-Bike says this is a great time to take advantage of Virgo’s intelligence in dealing with the physical body. Now might be a good time to revisit a workout regimen or schedule those overdue medical and dental checkups.

Sun in Virgo energy is very earthy and practical. Combined with the mental influence of Mercury, most people personally feel the shift from carefree summer days to the more serious days of fall. The “back to business” and “back to school” vibrations are in the air. Anything related to knowledge and learning will be supported now. This period is also a good opportunity to review goals, streamline processes and daily routines. Dive into the details of work to make the most of this energy.

This period is also a good opportunity to review goals, streamline processes and daily routines. Dive into the details of work to make the most of this energy.

Another aspect of this transit is its relationship to harvest time. The earth energy culminates in its abundance of harvesting crops in many regions. As Nordhaus-Bike mentions, the harvest process includes the analytical skill of Virgo in “separating the wheat from the chaff.” Skill and discernment is required in deciding what portions of crops are usable and what should be discarded. This also represents the personal “harvest time” within our year. Now is a good time to review the “wheat and chaff” within our lives. Evaluate what works and what doesn’t; what should be kept and discarded.

At this time consider cleaning out your closets and giving those unwanted items to charity. Clearing out kitchen cabinets and pantries is also a good suggestion. Replace that junk food with healthy snacks. Now is also a good time to evaluate those unhealthy habits and make adjustments. Don’t limit the analysis to things. Be sure to consider personal and business relationships. Ask what is working well and what can be done to enhance those relationships. If it’s time to end a relationship and move on, the Virgo energies can assist with the transition.

While the analytical energies of Virgo are great for reevaluating things and getting organized, taken to an extreme they can have negative aspects. Overdoing them can result in being overly critical, nitpicking, and being blinded by details. There is a tendency to miss the big picture. Perfectionism and strict judgment can cause workaholism and moments of stress. People may experience harsh self criticism and become “their own worst enemy.” Feelings of being unappreciated could also arise. Awareness is the key in dealing with the positive and negative aspects.

As the Sun in Virgo transit signals change, consider Virgo’s symbol: the virgin. It suggests youth, purity, learning, introspection and more feminine qualities. Transitioning from the bold masculine energy of Leo takes some adjustment, but once in the groove, Virgo can help us focus on details and get things accomplished before the fall season.

Nordhaus-Bike, Anne. (2012, August 20). Sun into Virgo: Time to See Details and Reap a Helpful Harvest.