It is often said that benevolent spirits appear around children. Some believe that they are there as ‘good angels’ to watch over and protect the little ones. Many children have spoken about their personal angels and when parents question the kids they have detailed descriptions that are very difficult to explain. Some of these same children relate that their angels have been with them since they were infants, often picking out pictures in family albums of those that have passed on to indicate the angel that has watched over them.

Jade Yates had never expected anything unusual to happen in her infant daughter’s room, but like many good parents today, she had a ‘babycam’ in Ruby’s room. To her surprise, when she reviewed the footage of the babycam she witness what appeared to be a human-like shape next to her sleeping daughter. The shape seemed to dissipate and then reform a few times throughout the length of the video.

Yates indicated that the room door had been completely closed and no one else had been in the house other than herself during the entire duration of the video. Upon closer review of the video she believes that there were actual two spirits, one that was the size of an adult and one of a child. Jade stated that the situation doesn’t seem to upset her daughter but that she does seem to wake up every hour or so at night. She explained that this might be the reason as the child spirit may want someone to play with. The image of the adult spirit seems to attentive and Jade gets the sense that they are both simply watching over her daughter. The video indeed shows two different sized misty creations, gently moving over and around baby Ruby.

Throughout history many children that have retained their ‘angels’ continue to tell stories about them and even talk to them. As the kids grow older they seem to lose both memory and interest in the angels that seemed to play such an important part of their very young life.