Mar 15, 2018

There’s plenty of come on lines out there to get you in-between the sheets, but here’s one that’s actually for real. Having sex can make you smarter!

Feb 16, 2018

It might sound crazy, but psychologists are reporting a strange new phenomenon—women are leaving their ideal husbands.

Jan 6, 2017


Preliminary Earthquake Report
Magnitude 5.5
3 Jan 2017 09:09:03 UTC

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Aug 19, 2016

While most children are going back to school for the “three R’s,” according to an article in, kids in Colorado are learning psychic and intuitive skills a

Jun 21, 2016

It is often said that benevolent spirits appear around children. Some believe that they are there as ‘good angels’ to watch over and protect the little ones.

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Jun 14, 2016

According to a current news release from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), a recent study shows that a simple meditation program of as little as eight weeks