A very good friend of mine is getting married during Mercury Retrograde and I am wondering if this will have any affect of her wedding day and most especially her marriage. I read that you shouldn't start anything new, including relationships, though she's not technically starting a relationship, though it's still starting something new. What do you all think?

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  • Sam_NY's picture

    if they're already in the relationship and not really starting anything new, isn't that pretty okay. i don't know the ins and outs of retrograde, all that i know is that i'm not supposed to start anything new.

    Jul 15, 2012
  • Anita's picture

    Hi Patra, I actually read up on this a bit for you. Your friend is already in a committed relationship so she is not technically entering into anything new [just like Sam stated], though she may experience some glitches with her actually wedding. Things may be off and not flow as smoothly as she hopes, because this is typical of Retrograde. For example, if flowers are to be delivered at 10am, they may not arrive until 1pm. And, other things may run late or be off as well, such as the cake's and band's arrival, etc. Otherwise, the marriage in and of itself should be just fine and not affected by Retrograde. Good Luck to your friend!

    Jul 17, 2012
  • flowerz's picture

    I agree with Sam...this does not really seem like a totally new step

    Jul 19, 2012
  • Linda Wilson's picture
    Linda Wilson

    This post is such a relief, as my son is proposing to his girlfriend while Mercury is retrograde. I was a tad concerned, but not now. Thanks!

    Jul 21, 2012
  • FloeLeFritte's picture

    Linda, it's great that you were given a bit of relief. Yes, anything NEW happening during retrograde will be affected, but anything that you are building upon or expanding upon is just fine. Your son is building upon his relationship, so he and his fiance will be just fine moving forward in regard to Retrograde.

    Jul 23, 2012
  • Vivica's picture

    If a person knows that the wedding falls on the period of retrograde, why to take chances. Some people do not want to accept that we are under the influence of the stars and the Universe. Wishing peace and serenity.

    Nov 14, 2013