Does anyone know the signs of a spirit presence? This is something that I am getting more and more into and more intrigued by. I only spoke with a medium once in my life and she verified that there was a spirit that would come around me, a very harmless one and it was someone from my past. Also, when my uncle passed away, he was also my spiritual guide, I would sense and feel him around me.

And, even now, I feel and sense something around me at times, but how can I really know that it's just not me imagining things; what are the signs of a spirit presence?

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    actually been wondering this myself, at time I think that there's something near me or next to me, I look around and there's nothing there. so yeah, good to know whether this is my imagination or something's really there. as long as it's peaceful and positive, I don't mind :-)

    Aug 03, 2012
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    Spirits and Spirit Guides are always around us. The way to distinguish between peaceful / positive or not, is how you perceive the energy. If you feel comfortable with the energy it is always a Spirit of light and goodness. It is doubtful that you are imagining energy.

    I would recommend that you try to obtain information from the Spirit, like is it male, female, family, friend, their name and how they look. You should be able perceive the energy by viewing it through your third eye. You needn't turn around to view the energy with your physical eyes. When you sense it's energy, remain still, listen, feel and you will begin to pick up info on the Spirits that guide you. This will take practice, but you will be able to do it.

    Aug 24, 2012
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    Hope someone can give us some good info about this, because its been something that I've been wanting to know. It's not that I've felt something around me, but would be good to know if my energy is clean and clear around me or if there's something hanging around. If there's something hanging around, I'd like to know so that I can clear it.

    Aug 03, 2012
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    Spirits are a part of the knowledge and the positivity they gained while in the flesh, there concern for you is express through them by Jesus's saving grace when you feel a positive part of a person around you its a feeling you can't describe through your physical body but remain in the faith and God's holy wisdom will guide you and even the spirits who are connected to you through family in christ. Trust me.

    Nov 03, 2013
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    I've had several experiences,so many that any and everytime I feel one-it almost feels natural to me,I don't fear it,it's usually family and friends I have lost just letting me know where they're at and that they're happy,but that they also still stick around at times,they just still want to feel like they are still a part of the family just like when they were alive. Usually,with me-I sense and feel my grandmother around all the time and it usually will begin with the smell of the perfume she use to wear,my mom nor I wear perfume much-if at all and my stepdad doesn't wear cologne,so when I smell perfume and a perfume I'm familiar with around me-I know that's her,just checking in from time to time-making sure I'm okay and to let me know she misses me and has been thinking about me and that she loves me and also sticking around because I go through some very rough times in my life and I know she worries about me and she feels a little protective and is just trying to be there to help-it feels natural and comfortable to me or I'll feel someone standing behind me and like a soft gentle hand on my shoulder or upper arm-but when I turn around to look-nobody's there-but I know it's my grandmother because she was one of my very best friends and she was my pride and my joy and I adored her,so I know she sticks around.
    So,it can be smells that will give you a clue of a spirit presence. Or at Family Reunions-I can hear and feel the sounds of my male relatives like uncles and cousins playing poker inside the building-I can hear the sounds of laughing and talking and the sounds of change dropping loudly on the table and I can also smell pipe tobacco smoke as one or more of my uncles always smoked a pipe-and the scent of it was always very sweet smelling-yet very strong. I have even been known to be able to see them at the table when I first walk in the building-at first for awhile when I first started having those experiences-it freaked me out when I was hearing the sounds-but I just said"I'm okay with it that you're here and I'm glad you're having fun,just don't show yourself to me yet-I'm not quite ready for that yet" and they respected that-but after awhile I wanted to see them because I found myself missing them and decided I was ready to take the next step in seeing them and once I let them know that I was ready-they let me see them.
    Usually when you first start to feel them-it will be like a small draft of cold air around and on you,but somehow with my grandmother-it feels a little different,it's not cold,it's not hot,it's luke warm-but that was always my grandmother anyway-even when she was alive-she was a very very warm and loving person. You can also hear them-I have been known to have my name called in the middle of the night-when my dad died-I was in bed at night crying my eyes out-when I heard a voice whisper near me"Don't Cry,Don't Cry,I'm Here,I'm Right Here". So it's usually-smells,sounds,a change in air temperature,hearing things,sometimes seeing things you can't explain. The Feeling of being watched or somebody standing either right behind or beside you-even though there's nothing and noone there that you can always see,hear,smell,feel,or touch. Just all depends. I've had all different kinds of experiences and it doesn't scare me-it brings me comfort and just feels natural and normal to me, I suppose because I've had these experiences for so long-that after awhile-it became like routine and in a funny way-like that's just what you do when you die-you stick around your loved ones and don't leave their side just like you would when you're alive. Hope that helps.

    Aug 24, 2012
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    My Daddy passed Aug 4, 2012. Im Ann only child and I am still mourning his loss. I thought that maybe I would sense his presence at some time but so far, nothing. I have felt the presence of my best friend, my mom-in-law and my grand dad. Maybe he is enjoying being reunited with his parents and his 2 sisters and 33 brothers that have already crossed over. I know he was a wonderful, sweet kind and generous man. I talked to home for an hour or two every week and this is the most painful experience of my lig. I just wish I knew for sure he was alright.

    Sep 16, 2012
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    Your dad is just fine. I lost my dad in September. They are usually confused when they first pass and are not very strong. Soon they adjust to their new surroundings and they are very happy. I bet if you sat quietly and thought of your dad you would feel that right now. I have had many experiences with my dad since September and have been blessed to heal all our wounds with him since he passed. I have a wonderful relationship with him now. He is always there for me and often in a big way. I know your dad is doing the same. Just be patient and talk to him all the time. The more you talk to him the stronger your intuition and your sense of him will become. He is right there whenever you need him. Just remember that he has work to do on the otherside now, so respect that also.

    Jan 31, 2013
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    I believe everyone feels the signs of a spirit presence in different ways. The main thing is you have to be open to the signs. Don't expect the roof to fall in or something dramantic like that. What I often get is the feeling you get when you walk through a spider web. I can feel spirits touching me because my hair raises up on my arms etc. And at times I have gotten kisses on my cheek by my fiance who has passed over. It's often little subtle things. But I have also had pictures fall off the walls, etc. You have to go with your gut instinct. And it will get stronger as you work with it. Spirit wants to work with us..they are as curious as we are. But dont try to hard.....just open ypurself and lt will come. I remember when I first started I could only hear a tiny voice in my head. Alot of it is building up your confidence. Hope this helps!

    Sep 21, 2012
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    Mickie Newton

    Hi PatraC09

    I must admit to not reading the other posts as I personally think it can change from person to person and of course the spirits themselves.

    For me personally it depends on the strength of energy of the spirit. Sometimes I can just feel in myself that I am not alone and other times I will feel a sickly ache in the back of my neck and from that will get an awful headache. This sensation will go once I leave the room the spirit is inhabiting. I can also find myself with a cold sensation on my body that is closet to the spirit. For example I was in a room and I knew the spirit was holding onto my left hand simply because my whole left arm was freezing cold, even though the rest of my body was quite warm.

    The cold patches can also apply to rooms or spots in rooms. You may have your central heating on, but they're maybe one room that is very cool even though the radiator is hot. Or the room is very warm except for one corner that's very cool.

    Right now my sister is having a few problems with a presence that is turning down the thermostat of the central heating. She'll set at 10 and find it's been moved to 4 or 0!

    I have also found that you may have spirits that are so quiet you don't realise they're there until you change something in your home or there is increased activity such as major refurbishment of your home. You then realise you're not alone and things are being moved, cold spots appear etc. Spirits really hate change! lol

    I hope that this has given you some idea of what some of the signs can be.

    Nov 21, 2012
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    I follow a somewhat local Medium by the name of Theresa Caputo who lives on Long Island. You may have seen her shows on TV "Long Island Medium". She is fantastic and usually right on. She has said that if you have vivid dreams of your loved ones that have passed on, you can be sure it is a visitation from them even if you don't remember exactly what you talked about in the dream. Also, if you have odd or coincidental occurrences happen to you, it could be there are happening because of a spirit that is around you - extreme accidents that you make it through without a scratch is one example. She also says that if you do automatic writing they may come through to you that way also.

    I have had things happen that make me reach out to a family member and actually ask out loud for help, and the help does come to me. I found a lost earring out in my yard this way, asked and then looked on the ground to my left and it gleamed in the sunlight.

    Nov 23, 2012
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    Laura Coy

    I love watching her….she is definitely the real deal!! And so funny to boot…I often joke that one day I am just going to go around stopping people like Theresa Caputo, and tell them what I see….lol
    Laura C

    Laura L. Coy

    Nov 28, 2012
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    Something further that I forgot to add was that sometimes when you are doing something rather mindless - like brushing your teeth, vacuuming the carpets etc. you may think you hear one of your loved ones calling your name.

    Believe it, because when you are not concentrating on something - cluttering your mind with thoughts or chatter as we all do during any day of the week, but rather achieving a clear, quiet mind and not thinking about anything - that's when the spirits close to you will speak to you.

    I have had this happen many times, my Grandmother and Mother usually are the ones I hear, once in a while I can hear my Dad and Grandfather.

    Nov 25, 2012
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    My mother passed away last yr. I feel her each night when I apply my lip balm after my shower. We would share the lip balm, we had two small jars and I kept mine full and when I would see her, I would give her mine and take hers to fill.
    Now at night I put on my lip balm and I get chills down my arms and back. I even get the chills when I'm not thinking about it.
    I can just feel her holding me at times when I am wanting to talk to her. I know she's with me.
    I dream of her often and she's always young and pain free and happy. If I ask her questions, she answers me in my dreams.
    I've never had this connection with someone who has passed away before.
    I just know it's my mother.

    Nov 28, 2012
  • mysticalgoddess's picture

    What a lovely story! And you are right on in your perceptions. How wonderful to have your mom tuck you in each night!

    Jan 31, 2013
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    Hi everyone, I see my spirit guides often (like in a flash and they are gone). I usually dont get chills unless i am thinking about something that they think is truth, etc. but if you get chills then usually it means they are in your aura space (family friends etc)... Usually you will all of a sudden think about them like our of the blue that's another hint. Angel1 it is your mom especially if you dream about her our connection when we sleep is easier and the fact that you said she looks young is another sign. On the other side everyone is young like 30ish From what I understand. That's beautiful you have that connection it is amazing. :)

    Jan 23, 2013
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    That is so strange. I actually have gotten chills before when I felt I was in the presence of a spirit. If you dont feel chills, is that because you are thinking is false?

    Jan 23, 2013
  • PsychicBindi's picture

    No I'm new to this but in my short experience truth mean chills. Its a verification for me. Also when a spirit in your aura space. Your spirit guides (not family) don't have to manifest in that way to you because they are connected to you your whole life. While others like family can manifest and touch your aura space to let you know they are here or what have you hence chills. Your spirit guides can manifest obviously but there connection to you is deeper you and they can communicate freely without using energy from you chakras. I may have gone off topic here but this is so deep this knowledge that it never really is concrete you will always evolve and learn. Always. :)

    Jan 24, 2013
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    I have read a couple books I like "ask your guides" by Sonia choquette and "born knowing" by John holland I mean if you have an interest in this. Ask your guides goes into detail about types and how to connect. Born knowing is a mediums journey very nice book. As a beginner medium it really gave me a sense of clarity and knowledge.

    Jan 24, 2013
  • mysticalgoddess's picture

    Sonia & John are two of the best!

    Jan 31, 2013
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    Mary Jane

    My advice would be just to watch for simple signs. For me, I have seen now on three occasions, when my Mum has been very much in my mind about what I was doing/thinking at the time, I have seen in front of me (driving my car ) vehicles with the registration number which includes the letters FLO. My Mum's name was Flora and she was called Flo by family and close friends. First time it happened was while on holiday in America, we were driving down to New York and had taken my Godson with us to the States for the first time. He was in the front seat with my husband who was driving and they were chatting away happily. I was in the back, enjoying the whole experience of us all being together and thinking how delighted my Mum would be to know her Grandson (on whom she absolutely doted) was in America with us having a wonderful time. At this moment, I looked out of the window to see a brightly coloured, very unusual car overtake us. My Godson and husband both reacted with "Wow" Look at that car!!!" But for me, the amazing moment was seeing the numberplate, as the car sped on down the road.
    It was FLORA with numbers....

    Next time it happened was back home in Scotland, I was driving home from work and right in front of me, in a close nose-to-tail queue, was a bright yellow car, the absolute yellow colour of custard! As I crawled along behind it, I was thinking how much my Mum and I had loved custard, especially when it was cold, set firm, with a little milk poured over the top. I smiled as I remembered it - and my eyes widened nearly popped out of my head as the custard car moved away from me to reveal the numberplate FLO...

    It happened a third time just this week. We have had bitterly cold weather and my brother and I were visiting our Dad in hospital one night. My brother had been working all day, sometimes out of doors and was chilled to the bone. I told him he should be wearing thermal underwear to beat the cold - something he had not ever thought of. (dearie me...!!) So the next day, I drove to the supermarket during my lunch hour, on a mission, to buy cosy thermal underwear for my brother - and again, my Mum was in my thoughts, knowing she would like to see me looking after my wee brother. As I pulled into a parking space at the shop, the car parked straight in front of me had the numberplate FLO...

    All amazing - and surely not just pure coincidence?? For me, definite signs of our lovely Mum still being around and watching over us.

    Watch out for signs like this...

    Hope this helps!


    Jan 27, 2013
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    I myself feel the presence as my body becomes numb and I feel a little cold but as I am feeling the energy, I speak to it. Knowing that the spirit has confirmed itself here. I feel more comfortable around it.

    Jan 30, 2013