Hi All,

I was in an abusive relationship that I managed to walk away from in 2008, but although the guy hasn't contacted me in over 3 years, the last few nights I keep thinking about him (not in a pleasant way) as I have been having nightmares where he shows up each time. If I have one tonight, it'll be the 4th night in a row :'-(

Any advice on why this is happening and what I could do about it would be very much appreciated!


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    Forgive him, it is not easy, it is very hurtful even to remember. Forgiving him you will remove that negative and unpleasant energy from your path. The biggest sin is when one person abuses the other, let Our Lord to take care of that. Wishing you all the happiness. God bless you.

    Jul 31, 2013
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    Yes forgiveness is key, Also it could be that he is thinking of you still and you are receiving his energy. Cleanse your energy field by standing up and imagining yourself under a shower of light. As it pours down, see any bits of dark energy, emotions or debris being washed away.
    Call in Archangel Michael to help and imagine a cord of energy connecting you with this guy being cut by the angel's sword. Then place yourself in a bubble of soft golden light

    Aug 05, 2013
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    This is a very good advice for everyone who is going through a lot of difficulties in their lives. Wishing you peace and serenity.

    Aug 05, 2013
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    The pain you have received from this person is still in your memory. Your dream is bringing this to your conscious knowledge so that you can let go of the pain.
    There are several ways you can let go of this pain. Yes forgive this person. That is not say 'I forgive you and I forget everything' It is more forgive yourself. So that you understand the lesson you were taught. The one that says I gave away too much of me to this person. The next person will have to earn that trust in me.
    This is not easy to do and it so often miss understood by people when I say this. Please do not miss understand me. Every action has an interaction so each consequence has many ways to look at it. In the creation of an event one makes a request and then one reads the situation as good or bad. At some point in this relationship you saw it as good. Now you see it as bad because it did not meet your own idea of what you asked for in the first place. This happens always to some degree.
    This is the bit you have to forgive in you. Does this make sense so far I do so hope so.
    Now when you understand this let it go. Remember what was can be changed so now you know where it went wrong you can re-build set your request again for what you wanted if it is still something you think you need.
    But now you are wiser! yes? So now you can ask for a different set of criterion's and you can reset the thing you need in life. Based on what you learnt from this relationship. You Do not want this but now you know you need that! yes?
    Now you let him go you say 'Thank you for giving me the lesson. I release you from my world and ask for the angels to send their light to guide you so you in your own path. I set you free as I take my freedom from you.'
    If you get a feeling of re-leaf and release then you have cut the cords.
    If you don't then the next exercise may be useful to you.
    see a mannequin standing in a pillar of light. now look for the cord of dull light attached to you somewhere near the heart or head. Take a pair of silver scissors and cut the thread/cord as near you as possible then put an electric plug on the end that is still attached to the person you are trying to detach from. then plunge it into the pillar of light. Now see 2 angels either side of the person and say 'Angles I give you (name here) take and keep this person I thank and release this person from my live.'
    Then bounce around or go out and meet good friends and go have a good free life.
    Hope this helps Demici.

    Aug 06, 2013
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    Thanks everyone, I've been in a wonderful happy relationship for over 2 years now and I have two gorgeous virtuous so life is pretty amazing right now. It's just I wondered why after so long I kept dreaming of him. But I think you're right, it must be one piece of unfinished business I have to work on add ice been doing lots of work on different things lately. I've not had any new dreams since the day I posted here so I'm hoping that I have addressed it in myself and let it go. Love and light to you all and thanks for your help xxxx

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    Love and Light xxx

    Aug 08, 2013