The Demands Of The Holidays

When everyone and everything around during the holiday season is telling you to spread good cheer but your just not feeling it for a laundry list of reasons, the holidays can breed a miserable case of depression. Constant reminders of others happiness during the holidays may serve as a painful reminder of the happiness and love that is lacking in your own life. The demands the holidays bring don’t help as well from parties, entertaining, cooking, spending money you may not have, realizing how alone you may be or gearing yourself up to spend time with family you see very little the rest of the year can cause anyone to want to crawl into bed and hibernate straight through to the new year.

Setting your expectations high for the holidays is common for a lot of people

Your Not Alone

The best piece of advice you can take to heart is your not alone. Even though it may seem like those around you are excited about the holidays putting on a smile and getting into the spirit, many share the same “holiday blues” as you, they just may be better at hiding it.

How to Glide Through

Setting your expectations high for the holidays is common for a lot of people. Don’t expect the holidays to be the same as when you were a child, because they are not. Take the holidays as they come and set your sights on making new traditions as you get older.

Give yourself a break, if you cant locate the exact table setting you wanted, it wont make or break the evening, worrying about trivial stuff will not take away from the holiday spirit.

Avoid any potential stressful situations. If your brother and his wife are constantly on each others back skip the their lovely house in the Hamptons for their holiday party or if staying at your fathers house with your stepmother is uncomfortable, stay in a nearby hotel. A little planning in these areas goes a long way with your mental and emotional state. Remember your in charge of your life.

There are plenty of low cost holiday activities to do such as, visiting Santa at the mall, look at Christmas lights in your neighborhood, go to a holiday parade or boat parade if your someplace warm, go ice skating or just have fun baking cookies, the opportunities are endless.

Over indulging during the holidays can happen with deserts and alcohol, but don’t use this time as an excuse to overdoing it. Plan ahead by cutting back early in the day with your meals if your going to a party later on. If you're consuming alcohol make sure to drink plenty of water in between drinks so you're not nursing a hangover the next.