Quick—what’s your favorite color? Don’t think too long or hard about it. Just go with the first color that pops into your mind. Ready? Check out what your favorite color says about you.


You like plenty of action in your life and aren’t afraid to take risks. Physical activity is important to you as well. You love to be on the go.


You’re a people person who loves to socialize. Cheerful and upbeat, you put people at ease. You’re the perfect party host!


You love to learn and enjoy intellectual pursuits. One of your favorite questions is “Why?” And finding the answer is your passion.


You take pride in being grounded and centered. You love to do for others without expecting anything in return.


You have a deep need to find truth and inner peace. You don’t like compromising when it comes to your ideals.


You are spiritual and intuitive. Feeling connected with the Universe is your goal. You likely have psychic ability.

Purple or Violet

You are a perfectionist is every area of life. Spirituality is also important and you are a humanitarian at heart.


Your life revolves around giving and receiving love. You are very accepting of others and practice unconditional love.


You can be idealistic at times, but you always make sure you express your hopes and dreams.


You thrive on power and control. You would make an excellent judge. Just be careful that you’re not overly judgmental of others.


You are a solid and dependable person. Safety and security is important for you and those you care about.

You appreciate the simple things in life. Self-reliance and independence is also important to you.


You don’t mind going along with the crowd in order to keep the peace. Calm, cool and composed, others often turn to you in a crisis.


You are in touch with your feminine side, whether you’re male or female. You have keen intuition and insight.


You are bold, charismatic, and your personality always shines through. Others see you as magnetic and charming.