Have you ever felt like you were having an unbelievable run of bad luck? Perhaps you've gone through periods in which you had to deal with feelings of depression, anger or other negative emotions-- even though there was no real reason you could pinpoint what would have stirred such feelings? Maybe you’ve had a string of illnesses and couldn’t figure out why you were feeling so run down or why your resistance was so low?

If you’ve ever experienced any of these things, it’s likely you suffer from a build-up of negative energy that you need to get rid of with a good cleansing.

Negative Energy

Think of your body as a house, and negative energy like dust. Dust can get trapped and build up in a house, leaving things dingy and lackluster. It can create unpleasant, uncomfortable and unsanitary conditions.

Think of your body as a house, and negative energy like dust. Dust can get trapped and build up in a house, leaving things dingy and lackluster.

There’s no reason you can’t enjoy the warm weather, but safety precautions should always be kept in mind.

You can open your windows to try and air out the house, but too much dust can be difficult to get rid of. The dust might even clog up your air filters and your window screens so that it impedes the natural flow of air.

Once in a while, you just need a good cleansing.

Cleansing in a Pinch

Some common ways of cleansing negative energy include burning herbs or incense and having the smoke clear it away, taking baths with herbs or salt, using crystals or seeing a psychic healer. These can be great options for cleansing and even for ‘maintenance’ to prevent build-up in the first place.

Sometimes, though, you need to act quickly. You don’t have time to stop and bathe, you may not have incense or herbs around the house, and an appointment with a psychic is just going to have to wait. Still, that doesn’t mean you’re helpless and vulnerable—you can still cleanse yourself with a good brushing off.

How it Works

Brushing off energy works much like you dusting your window blinds. It breaks up the clumps, stirs them up and allows you to brush the dust away. Likewise, you can brush away the negative energy built up in your own aura with some sort of brush.

You can choose whatever type of brush you want for this purpose—it may be a feather duster of natural feathers. It may be a small, hand-held straw dust broom. Perhaps you’d rather use a fan, which can work just as well.

The only thing to remember about your tool is that you don’t want to use it for any other purposes. You should purchase it deliberately for the purpose of brushing away negative energy, and reserve it exclusively for that purpose.

How to Brush your Negativity Away

When you feel you’ve got some pent-up negativity clouding your aura, or the energy field that surrounds your body, go grab the tool you’ve chosen for the job. It helps to stop, take a few deep breaths and relax.

Starting from your head, begin brushing in a downward, sweeping motion. You can actually let the tool brush against your skin, or just near it if you prefer. Just continue making the same motion. If you stop after a few sweeps, you’ll probably feel the area you ‘brushed clean’ already feeling lighter and clearer. Continue working your way down your neck, shoulders, arms, chest and legs. Always use a downward motion.

If you have someone willing to practice this with you, you can use the tool on each other—one person ‘brushes’ the other starting from the head and working down to the toes.

When you’re done, shake your tool outside. Once in a while it’s a good idea to wash your brush, or run it through incense smoke to cleanse it of any negativity that lingers on it. Do this whenever you’re feeling out of sorts or having a bad day, to keep things from getting progressively worse.