Your First Psychic Reading

Deciding to go for your first psychic reading can be a bit exciting, or a bit unnerving, depending on your point of view. Either way, you want to ensure a successful session with money well spent. In order to get the most out of your first reading, it’s important to know what you want, know what to expect and be prepared.

Do Your Research

Psychics are like doctors—you don’t want to just dive into the phone book and choose one at random. Even worse, you wouldn’t just walk into an office off the street and plunk down money because you liked the sign out front.

First order of business is you want one that specializes in the area that interests you. You wouldn’t see a podiatrist if you had a tooth ache, would you? Likewise, you wouldn’t see an astrologer who specializes in love and finance if you were looking for a psychic healer.

In order to get the most out of your first reading, it’s important to know what you want, know what to expect and be prepared.

Second order of business is to do your research and preferably get references. Good psychics usually have credentials, references and happy clients. Bad psychics and scam artists usually have a long list of complaints with the BBB, or no record to be found because they hide behind pseudonyms and keep changing names.

Make An Appointment

Once you’ve settled on a psychic, make your appointment. Ask your psychic any questions or concerns you have up front when making this appointment so you don’t eat up session time asking question. Also ask your psychic if there is anything you should do or bring to your session that would be helpful. For example, if you’re trying to locate a missing person, the psychic might need a photo or personal possession.

One important thing to determine during the appointment setting stage is price—professional psychics charge fair but competitive rates, and will give you their rates up front. If your psychic is vague about how much the session will cost and doesn’t want to set a price, hang up and find one who will.

Focus on Questions

If there are specific things you want to ask, or areas of your life you want to cover, prepare your questions in advance. Think about them and write them down on a notepad. Bring this notepad to your reading and use it as a type of check list. It’s easy for a lot of different emotions and thoughts to enter your head during your first reading, so you can forget to ask the most important things sometimes. Having them on paper in front of you will avoid this mistake.

Be On Time

A psychic usually schedules appointments throughout the day, so if you’re late for your session you may make your psychic late for all his subsequent sessions throughout the day. Be courteous; leave the house early and be on time.

Take Notes or Recordings

Your psychic can sometimes give you a lot of information to think about in a 30 or a 60 minute session. It’s so easy to forget some of it—and you don’t want to forget! That’s where notes come in. You might wish to jot down notes during your session to remind you later what was covered.

If your psychic allows it, ask if you can record your session so you can replay it as much as you want.

Relax and Enjoy It

If you find yourself getting nervous, anxious or scared, try to relax. Working yourself up over it won’t do you any good. Remember your psychic is a regular person-- a person with a talent or skill that can help you, but a regular person nonetheless. Keeping your mind in a calm and positive state will prevent you from working yourself up over nothing.

You’ll enjoy your session much more if you are able to enter it feeling calm and collected.