Never let it be said that being a woman is easy. We’re expected to do it all and then some! Lover, wife, mother, breadwinner, nurturer and the list seems to grow longer every day.

With all the responsibilities and demands, the idea of feeling like a goddess may sound silly or frivolous. But in reality, unleashing your inner goddess is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

What’s a Goddess Anyway?

So what is meant by the term “goddess” anyway? Do you think of the classically sexy and sensual Marilyn Monroe? Or maybe you have visions of the Ancient Greeks like Aphrodite and Hera with their flowing togas. According to the dictionary the definition of goddess includes: a female god, a beautiful woman and a greatly admired woman. When you really stop and think about it, you are actually all three!

Your inner goddess is the source of your feminine power. She’s already working hard for you although you may not recognize it.

The divinity within you already qualifies you as an aspect of God in female form. You have great beauty within. Even on the outside every woman has at least one striking physical feature that stands out. Finally, all women are greatly admired in some capacity. Whether it’s for being a great mom or knowing the right thing to say to a friend in need, it all counts!

Explore Your Feminine Power

There is a goddess presently within each woman, the trick is finding her and letting her out. Your inner goddess is the source of your feminine power. She’s already working hard for you although you may not recognize it. She is the one who gives you the strength and ability to multitask. She helps guide you to work, raise a family, care for others and give of yourself beyond measure. Most of us are familiar with that part of the goddess path: the action-oriented “wonder woman” side that gets everything done.

What many women need to get in touch with is the softer, personal side of the inner goddess. This is the “being” side rather than the “doing” side. In our masculine goal driven society we are not always valued for our creativity and subtle energies of wisdom and care. We’re expected to produce and display results.

Start exploring the other side of your feminine strength and what it means to you. Journal and ask yourself questions. What does your inner goddess want to say to you? Have you been neglecting your own needs in favor of others’ needs? Also consider things would like to do for yourself that you have been putting off. Perhaps it’s time to start up an old hobby again.

Getting in touch with your feminine power might even be as simple as listening to your body. Honor your need for sleep and nourishing food. Maybe a day of pampering is in order. Relish in the healing touch of a massage; get your hair and nails done. Express your inner beauty on the outside.

Release and Unleash

While you explore what feminine power means to you, be sure to release what no longer serves you. Throw away ideas of femininity that don’t resonate with you. Get rid of expectations to be supermom and the self-sacrificing mate. Let go of those nagging feelings that keep you from being who you truly were meant to be.

Once you’ve cleaned out your mental closet, prepare to consciously unleash that inner goddess. She’s been there all along, now it’s time for her to step out on the stage! Take small steps to get her out there. It’s more of a journey rather than an unveiling.

You can start by learning to love yourself just the way you are right now. Don’t wait for goals like losing weight or getting toned. Smile and think to yourself, “I’m letting my inner goddess show.” Be kind to yourself and treat yourself as well as you treat other people. Focus on your attitude and believe. View your inner goddess as a guide and let her remind you of your divine nature and beauty!