Are you a spiritual person? If so— I bet you’re a creative person, too. You might not even think of yourself as creative, but believe it or not, you are.

How do I know? Because spirituality and creativity go hand in hand. What’s more, each one can enhance the other in your life.

Where Creativity Comes From

Our brain definitely has a creative side—the right side, in fact, while the left side is ruled by reason and logic. It requires that creative side of your brain to process myth, scripture and liturgy.

It’s that right brain in which you achieve a state of spiritual consciousness and enlightenment. To listen to your higher self, or commune with that which you perceive as greater than yourself – perhaps a Higher Power, perhaps nature of the Universe itself — requires an well-developed left brain.

The root of creativity is not actually in the brain, though, but in the soul. It is here from which you derive inspiration.

The root of creativity is not actually in the brain, though, but in the soul. It is here from which you derive inspiration. The muse works through the soul. It is also the soul that creativity often exposes. It is an expression of the true self— of what lies deep inside.

Creativity is an expression of things about you that even your brain might not be aware of, but is there. The pure essence of who you are is continually exposed by your creative side, even if only subtly.

Don’t Limit Your Thinking

Too many people confuse ‘creativity’ with ‘art’. Obviously, someone who has talent in painting pictures or writing songs is a creative person. But creativity is not only limited to those who are gifted in the arts.

A scientist or an engineer can be creative—otherwise how would we have such innovative thinkers? How does someone get the inkling to try to convert mold into life-saving antibiotics? How do we end up with a small box made of metal and plastic on the desk that has the power to connect us instantly with people and information around the world?

You may not be specifically an artist— but if you are a spiritual person, you are able to not only think outside of the box, but dig down deep into yourself to connect with a higher wisdom that guides you.

Ways to Nurture your Spirituality through Creativity

Read inspirational poetry; it doesn’t matter the religion of the author, your own beliefs will speak to you through the person’s religious passion.

On a regular basis—perhaps once per week, perhaps every day, spend some time free writing. Just let the thoughts flow, don’t give much concern to grammar and punctuation at this point. Let yourself get in a slipstream of conscious and just let it flow. The ideal time to practice this is every morning, as soon as you wake up, while your consciousness is still relaxed and close to a dream state.

Make time to create—it doesn’t matter if it’s wood working, drawing, choreographing a dance, photography, scrapbooking, gardening or building a chair. Foster a mind-body connection by working with your hands, and foster their connection to spirit by using them jointly in a creative endeavor.

Ways to Nurture Your Creativity through Spirituality

Make your creative endeavors a religious rite of sorts; make them your own prayer, your own offering, in honor of whatever it is you hold sacred.

Share your creation with the world, either by donating it to charity, giving it to others or putting it on display for all to see.
Put your own unique perspective in everything you do.

Whether you’re knitting a quilt or decorating a house, singing a song or creating virtual worlds on the computer, dig deep inside of you and make it an expression of what’s important to you, or your own unique view on the world (or how you think it should be).