Have you ever been walking by a street light, when it suddenly goes off? It's still dark out and nothing has changed, but it flickers out for a few moments-- only to come on again after you've walked away. Chances are, you probably chalked it up to a power fizzle, a bad bulb or some other natural cause.

Do street lights frequently go off when you pass them? If so, it may be due to more than just an issue with the lamp-- you could be causing it. There's actually a name for it: Street Light Interference, a phenomenon often shortened to SLI.

What is SLI?

Though named for street lamps, SLI is not restricted only to street lamps. The same phenomenon can affect other electronic devices. The observation is that when certain people go near certain devices (and sometimes it happens with more than one type of device), they stop working correctly.

Though named for street lamps, SLI is not restricted only to street lamps. The same phenomenon can affect other electronic devices.

Street lamps will flutter or go out as if turned off by a switch. Watches may malfunction frequently, either running slowly, quickly or they'll stop running altogether. People who have SLI may find their computers, small kitchen appliances, cell phones and alarm clocks suffer from more malfunctions than other people have to deal with, or might even cause the bulbs in their own home to frequently go out.

Now don’t get me wrong; it’s perfectly natural for things to break down, for bulbs to pop or for street lights to go off. Street lights have light sensors, and a passing car can cause them to go out for a minute or two by hitting the sensor at the right angle. But for people with SLI, it’s not just an occasional problem. It will happen more often than not, and usually when there are no other possible causes for the malfunction.

How Does It Work

Some people are frightened by SLI; they’re afraid it has some dark source, such as ghosts or curses. The fact is, there is nothing threatening associated with having SLI. Parapsychologists believe it’s a perfectly natural occurrence, just misunderstood.

Every person’s body has its own energy—an electromagnetic field. This field can sometimes intermingle with the EMF field of an electronic device, causing interference. Further, this interference can increase when one is in a heightened emotional state. This is because the body can act like a generator, and when you’re overly-emotional or excited, your EMF field can increase, causing more interference.

As you can imagine, this can fuel the fear of some kind of haunting or bad mojo—when SLI occurs, a person may become frightened, only making it happen again, and it’s a vicious cycle. It’s very easy for someone with SLI to think their house is haunted— night falls, the person gets spooked and a light bulb pops. The person is startled, and the television flickers. The fear feeds the SLI, which feeds the fears.

The Cure

At this point, it’s difficult for scientists to prove or even pinpoint SLI. It’s mainly parapsychologists who have given the topic any real attention, and other than observations there is little about it that we’ve figured out. So there is really little help to offer someone who has to live with this phenomena.

You can visit a psychic healer who can check your auric field. They may recommend crystals or minerals you can wear that will ‘tone it down’, so to speak. You can also take up meditation to try to avoid getting frightened or worked up so you don’t exacerbate the problem. But even if you have to live with it, you should take comfort in knowing that it’s not dangerous. If you do learn to control it, it can be a wonderful party trick, though.