You’ve seen plenty of professional athletes and body builders with their entourage of coaches and trainers. And you’ve probably seen many boxing movies where the trainer gets the champ ready for the big prizefight. Success usually comes thanks to the help of others, no matter what the goal. Are you looking to create a life you love, but feeling stuck? Consider enlisting the help of a life coach.

What Is a Life Coach?

Although it sounds nice, a life coach isn’t a fairy godmother that waves her magic wand, providing you a wonderful life. Nor is a coach a friend, counselor or therapist. A life coach is someone who helps you create positive changes in your life. He or she helps you reach the goals you want in order to have the life you love.

A life coach can help you create a life that you love. If you are feeling stuck in one or more areas of your life, a coach can support you and get you moving again.

Ultimately you are the one who decides what your best life looks like. If that means getting a better job, reducing stress, or enhancing personal relationships, the coach will work with you to get there. Even if it means all these things, it is still the coach’s job to help you in every area.

What a Life Coach Can and Cannot Do

A life coach can help you create a life that you love. If you are feeling stuck in one or more areas of your life, a coach can support you and get you moving again. Is procrastination an issue? Do you fail to take action? Or maybe you have fallen off track. A coach has experience in these areas too. Overall, a coach’s job is to help you achieve what you set out to achieve.

A coach cannot however, decide what kind of life you would love. Deciding what makes you happy and fulfilled is your choice and your responsibility. The coach’s job is not to make decisions for you. A coach cannot psychoanalyze you and heal old emotional wounds. While a life coach emphasizes positive changes, he or she is not a trained therapist. Some people expect a life coach to be a trusted friend and advisor as well. While a life coach will listen and be by your side, he or she is not your close friend. A coach is an advocate or supporter and above all, a professional.

Creating a Life You Love

So how can you create a life you love with the help of a coach? First of all, it is important to know that a coach is on your side. They want what you want. If your perfect life means running your own business and having more intimacy in your relationships, then that’s what the coach wants for you too.

But a coach is way more than a cheerleader. A coach will question, challenge and prod you. It may feel uncomfortable and even scary at times. If you’ve ever seen a football coach in action, you get the idea. The football coach makes his team do calisthenics and run laps. The players will often endure physical challenges and be pushed to their limits.

It’s quite a different picture from the glorious victory of a winning touchdown. But you don’t get those touchdowns without dedicating time to practice. A life coach is much the same. You might be pushed mentally and emotionally to take action towards your life’s dreams. You will be asked many thought provoking questions. The coach is there not to punish you, but to help you dig deep and find your personal best.

To create a life you love, you need to get in touch with how you think and what motivates you. Once you understand that, you can move ahead towards your dreams. A life coach can help you connect with your thoughts and behavior so you can move forward. With the guidance of a coach, you can turn your turn the passion for your dreams into a life that you love!