When you stop and really think about it, we are eternal beings. We have lived many lives before and we will continue to live on long after our current lives. With all these past experiences, we each have a wealth of knowledge contained within our souls. Just imagine all the possibilities available if you could tap into those previous experiences. Exploring your past lives can help you create future opportunities in this life.

Exploring Past Lives

Gaining information from your past lives is the first step in moving towards a better future. So how can you do this? One of the easiest ways is by getting a psychic reading. Most every psychic is well versed in the art of understanding past lives. They can help pinpoint times and places and particulars of your prior existences. Be sure to take good notes on these details so that you can use them later on when creating your goals and opportunities.

Exploring your past lives can help you create future opportunities in this life.

Past life regression is another technique to help you uncover experiences from former lives. While under the care of a hypnotherapist, you are consciously guided to a state of deep relaxation. Through a series of questions, the hypnotherapist can help you discover some of your past lives. Often the ones that come up have the most influence on you in your present life. Again, make note of these insights to help you in the future.

Finally, you can explore past lives in the comfort of your own home. Meditation and visualization techniques can also put you in a state of focused relaxation where you can gain information from your Higher Self. Images and clues from past lives will often appear when you are open and aware.

Learning from Past Lives

Once you have some definitive answers about your past lives, that is just the beginning. The next step is to learn from them. While exploring them did you notice any particular feelings? Perhaps you felt happy while learning that you lived on a farm among a large family. Or perhaps you felt inspired while revisiting a life as a Buddhist monk. Maybe you were a teacher before and that’s why you have such a love of learning now. Spend time thinking about these experiences and see what comes up.

Don’t be afraid to explore the darker sides of your past lives too. We often learn best from our mistakes. Maybe you had a not so nice past life where you were a thief or con artist. Rather than beat yourself up over the transgressions, learn to forgive yourself. It could very well be that the crook of the past has learned how to give back to the community. Maybe that difficult life was deliberately chosen in order to understand right and wrong or judgment. There are many lessons to be learned.

Creating Future Opportunities

Past lives make us who we are today. You are the sum total of all your experiences. So how can you create future opportunities from your past lives? Chances are you are already doing so! Just be exploring and learning from them, you have already gained a great deal of wisdom. Wisdom always leads to opportunities. When faced with any situation, you can confidently know that you’ve been here before.

You can also create opportunities based on your past life talents. That life among the large farm family may help you deal with organizing teams at work. It may have brought you the gifts of organization and cooperation. Your time as a Buddhist monk may inspire you to begin a new spiritual path in this life. Or maybe you decide to learn more about Buddhism in this life. Perhaps an unexpected trip to Tibet comes up. A past life as a teacher can help you teach others. It may prompt you to change careers or be a trainer in your current position. The possibilities are endless.

When you open yourself up to working with past lives, the energy of all these existences can guide you to some amazing moments. Use your past lives to create your best life today!