If you’ve ever been to Sea World or had the opportunity to see live dolphins you know what joyful intelligent creatures they are. Dolphins have a certain spiritual magic that endears them to humans. And it seems that dolphins are just as fond of us as we are of them. These marine mammals have much to teach us about life. They are spiritual messengers from the sea.

Dolphins and Folklore

Our love affair with these creatures isn’t new as dolphins have been a part of human culture since early times. In fact the word dolphin itself is derived from the ancient Greek language. The ancient Greeks had many stories and myths involving dolphins. One myth explains their origin.

These marine mammals have much to teach us about life. They are spiritual messengers from the sea.

The god Dionysus was mistaken for a wealthy prince and captured by pirates. In his escape he turned the ship’s oars into serpents, frightening the sailors and causing them to jump overboard. Feeling pity for the drowning sailors he turned them into dolphins.

Ancient Greece wasn’t the only civilization with dolphin lore. In India, the Hindu goddess Ganga is often associated with dolphins that serve as her escorts. In ancient Sumeria or modern day Iraq, dolphins were associated with the deity Ea-Oannes the Water God. Then there is the Dogon tribe from Mali in West Africa whose creation stories rely heavily on dolphins and fish-like beings. Dolphins are also considered totem animals among many Native American tribes.

Dolphins, Humans and Healing

Dolphins and humans have a great affinity for each other. Often you hear of stories where dolphins save people from drowning or protect them from harm at sea. There was even a Reader’s Digest story about a surfer saved from a shark attack by dolphins in Monterey Bay, California. Far from being an isolated incident, dolphins often serve as our guides and protectors.

Aside from their protective qualities, dolphins are also nurturers and healers. If you've ever spent time near a dolphin in its natural environment you probably felt a change in energy. Perhaps your felt peace, harmony or overall acceptance and well-being.

It’s not your imagination. According to marine biologists, there is something about the vibrational energy of a dolphin and its sonar that has an effect on our biomolecular structure. It’s not unlike an opera singer that can shatter a glass. Dolphins can break up the negative energy. Even just listening to them can help boost your relaxation response and endorphin levels.

Dolphins and Spiritual Lessons

Besides gifts of healing and protection, dolphins provide a wealth of spiritual messages for us. Just by observing their innate behavior, we can gain insight into improving our spiritual nature. Watch these animals and notice their joy and playfulness. This serves as a reminder for us to take life a little less seriously.

Dolphins function well together in teams or pods. When necessary they are also capable of working with outside groups or pod to form a super pod. Community is very important to these animals. When a dolphin is sick or hurt others will come to its aid, encircling and protecting it. In a similar fashion, when a mother gives birth, the pod will assist and surround mother and child shielding them from predators. We can obviously take a lesson from them around cooperation and connection with others.

Communication is another important aspect we can learn from the dolphins. They speak through various sounds, clicks and whistles as well as by moving their bodies. And each dolphin has its own unique individual signal. Again, this can inspire us to speak our own truth as individuals while communicating in a variety of ways.

According to many spiritual traditions, dolphins also symbolize breathing or the breath of life. Their blowholes are at the top of their heads, not unlike our crown chakras. This image can inspire us to breathe fully, not only physically but spiritually as well.

Dolphins are truly amazing creatures with many spiritual messages. They long to speak with us!