If you’ve ever been to a psychic or holistic fair, chances are you’ve seen a display for aura photography. Fascinating and fun, aura cameras provide a snapshot of your personal energetic field along with its array of colors.

You may have a predominant color or a combination of colors. While you aura colors can change according to your health, thoughts and feelings, interpreting their meanings can help you understand what’s going on in your inner world.


Red in the aura often indicates excitement, courage, passion and sexuality. You may be a take-charge kind of person or getting in touch with your leadership abilities. You also have great drive and a will to succeed in everything you do.

While you aura colors can change according to your health, thoughts and feelings, interpreting their meanings can help you understand what’s going on in your inner world.


Orange can signify creativity, independence and freedom of expression. If you have orange in your aura you are quite gregarious and get along well with others. You are probably an empath, sensing others’ needs and emotions.


If you have yellow in your aura you probably ask “Why?” a lot. Analytical and logical, you love mental gymnastics. Others may see you as an intellectual. Many scientists and inventors have predominantly yellow auras.


If you are a healer or have healing abilities, you likely have a lot of green in your aura. Many gardeners and most green thumbs have green auras too. You have a great balance between creativity and practicality. People probably consider you down to earth and a loyal friend.


Blue in the aura often points to great communication skills. You are also calm, cool and collected. People often look to you to help mediate situations and keep the peace. Blue is also an indication of creativity and intuition.


If your aura contains purple or violet, it signifies spirituality and possibly psychic ability. You tend to be philosophical and have a deep love of learning. You might also be prone to daydreaming and reverie. You also tend to be a bit unconventional.


Pink in you aura indicates a romantic and nurturing spirit. Men with a little pink in their auras may be getting in touch with their feminine sides. You also have a love of beauty, sensuality and companionship. Many artists have pink in their auras.


As a general rule, having brown in your aura is considered negative. Brown often means being disconnected from your true nature. It can signify fear in your life or an unhealthy focus on material things. It can also mean an energy blockage, insecurity or confusion.


Having a predominantly black aura is a rarity. However, there can be areas or spots of black within the aura. This can be a symptom of a major illness or extreme negativity. Psychic vampires and people with hatred in their hearts are likely to carry this color. In some cases it can also signify a protective cloak or energy shield.


White in the aura can mean many things. An all white aura is also rare, unless a person is close to crossing over at death. Another possibility is a pure nature or a soul who is like a blank slate. Generally white occurs in conjunction with other colors. White can indicate angelic presence around you, particularly if there are white sparkles. White sparkles can also be a sign of possible pregnancy.


Silver in your aura can also be a sign of angelic presence or connection with the Source. People with an abundance of silver in their auras are often popular with many admirers. If you have silver you are also sensitive, intuitive, gifted and lucky with money.


Gold is another color that indicates connection with the Divine. If you have gold in your aura you are very wise and have the potential to be a spiritual leader or teacher. Not afraid of the spotlight, you have great charisma and appreciate the attention from your fans.