Have you experienced the 11:11 phenomenon? Many people have and many more are discovering it every day. You may have come across it yourself. Have you ever found yourself looking at the clock and it reads 11:11? And not just once in awhile, but on a fairly constant basis? It’s almost as if the number is following you.

You might also experience the 11’s in other ways. Perhaps a purchase comes to $11.11 or you notice 1111 on an account number, address or invoice. What are these numbers trying to tell us? Is it a spiritual wake up call?

Various Theories and Ideas

There is no shortage of theories about this mysterious phenomenon. Kids often see 11:11 on the clock and say that it means it’s time to make a wish. Numerologists focus on the meaning of the number 11 as a master number that represents spiritual enlightenment, a higher level of new beginnings and unity. Two sets of the number 11 symbolize even greater power.

Two sets of the number 11 symbolize even greater power.

Among the esoteric set, 11:11 is seen as a representation of the Fibonacci sequence beginning with zero, then one, then one. By putting the sequences in a top and bottom mirror image you have 0,1,1 on the top and 0,1,1 on the bottom in spiral formations. In simplest form, this symbolizes the great adage “As above, so below.”

Still another theory views 11:11 as a sort of spiritual binary code. In computer language, binary code is made of up ones and zeros. Zero means off and one means on. Looking at it from this angle, seems like 11:11 is “on, on, on, on.” Sounds a lot like all systems go.

Then there is another viewpoint that looks at the human body as a bio computer. Our DNA is our computer code. The structure of DNA itself is s double helix and loosely resembles an 11 on the top and bottom of each twist.

These theories are only the tip of the iceberg. There are bound to be many more out there. Ask any individual their opinion and you’re likely to add even more conjecture to the mix.

Cosmic Spiritual Awakening

Theories and ideas notwithstanding, there is something going on. After all, plenty of people are experiencing it and talking about it. 11:11 can’t be ignored. Perhaps it is meant to be a cosmic spiritual awakening.

Numbers are a universal language that everyone understands. Regardless of race, color or creed, you can take part in the experience of 11:11. People from all over the globe are conversing. That alone shows the power of this phenomenon bringing people together. It may sound small and insignificant but a small spark can start a great fire. Perhaps the 11:11 discussion will inspire people to come together and focus on spiritual matters. As they do, they raise their spiritual vibrations and thus help the whole of humanity.

Most people notice 11:11 on their clocks. If it’s happened to you, it grabs your attention even if only for a small moment. But for that moment you are mindful, awake and aware. It is a signal. Let it be a wake up call to connect with your Higher Self. Take that moment to remember that you are a spiritual being having a human experience. If everyone did this when they saw 11:11 on the clock, we truly would have a cosmic spiritual awakening for all.

Finally, 11:11 reminds us of the concept of time. Time is essentially a human made construct. It can be limiting, but in reality we are limitless.

Perhaps it’s time to stop hitting the snooze button and live up to our true cosmic spiritual potential. Let 11:11 be a reminder for us to awaken to a new spiritual day!