Mermaid Dreams: What They Mean

So, you dreamed about mermaids? Mermaid dreams are always as fascinating as they are perplexing. They can also be very haunting, whether you dreamed you met up with a mermaid, or that you actually were one.

Either way, mermaids are creatures deeply rooted in mythology and folklore. As such, they have symbolic meaning that is rooted in the human subconscious. If you’ve been dreaming of mermaids, here are some possible interpretations.

Your Feminine Side

Mermaids are creatures associated with femininity. This is not just because they are usually portrayed as beautiful women with long, flowing hair and scallop shelled bras, but because they reside in the water. Water is considered a feminine element-- associated with emotion and intuition.

Mermaid dreams are always as fascinating as they are perplexing. They can also be very haunting, whether you dreamed you met up with a mermaid, or that you actually were one.

Whether you are a man or a woman, dreaming about a mermaid could be telling you something about your feminine side. If in the dream the mermaid made you happy and inspired awe, most likely you are happy about getting in touch with your feminine side. If you were a mermaid and happily dashing through the waves, it means you're embracing your femininity.

If, however, the mermaid frightened you or made you uncomfortable, it could mean you're afraid of being overwhelmed by the feminine side of your soul.

It should be noted here that all men and all women both have feminine and masculine sides. The degree to which they express each side can vary, but we all have both sides.


Merfolk are hybrids. They are half human, half fish. Sometimes dreaming of a mermaid is reminding yourself that there is more than one side to you. Perhaps you are focusing too much on one side of your nature but have been ignoring the other side. You may be too busy playing the role of mother or wife and have been denying your creative side. Perhaps you’ve been a workaholic and have not been letting your fun side out to play enough.

Either way, becoming a mermaid in your dream could be your subconscious reminding you that you have to find a more balanced lifestyle to be happy.

Drowning in Emotion

Water and women are primal symbols of emotion. If you dream you’re facing a mermaid in your dream that is a threat to you, it may be a sign that you’re feeling emotionally overwhelmed. If she’s fighting with you, struggling with you, dragging you down into the depths, you may be having a hard time coming out of an emotional state like depression or despair.

Dreams like this may indicate that you’re in over your head and need to seek help and support.


There are two ways in which mermaids symbolize transformation. The first is in their own transformation from human to fish. Out of the water they look like the rest of us, in the water their legs are magically transformed into a tail, their skin transformed into scales. The other reason mermaids are associated with death is that their songs were said to lure sailors to their doom.

Either way, death in a dream rarely means physical death, but is a symbol of transformation. You have to kill of parts of yourself in order to let other parts be born, this is just the way of life. Mermaids may indicate that you are going through a major transition—most likely that transition is very emotional for you.

Either way, when a mermaid shows up in your dream, it’s not something you can easily forget. Pay attention to what she’s telling you and you can learn a lot about what’s going on in your subconscious.