If an eight-legged creature crawls into your dreams-- try not to cringe. I know spiders are the most common of all phobias, but these magnificent creatures are rooted very deeply in our subconscious minds.

This is evident just by looking at how prevalent spiders are in mythology. The next time you dream about a spider, consider the implications and what your subconscious might be trying to tell you.

Come Into My Parlor, Said the Spider

Spiders are a prime symbol for manipulation in dreams. It is telling you that you're worried treachery is afoot somewhere in your life. Just think about how spiders lure flies into the web, or how the black widow spider kills her mate right after mating with him.

Spiders are a prime symbol for manipulation in dreams. It is telling you that you're worried treachory is afoot somewhere in your life.

Someone is being manipulative on a grand scale, and you're sensing it. You feel 'caught' in somebody's web of lies and deceit. Perhaps like that helpless fly, you feel trapped and entangled.

It may not even be a person. Maybe you're addicted to a substance, such as drugs or alcohol. Maybe you've gotten yourself into a bad business venture and you feel like you're trapped in it and just sitting helpless while others come to feed off your misfortune. That spider is telling you that you feel helpless, and it's probably a good time to give a cry out for help and call for reinforcement.

Artistic Inspiration

Dreaming about spiders isn't always bad. If you're dreaming about a spider web but it gives you a good feeling in the dream, it's possible you're not worried about being ensnared in it-- you're more enjoying the artistry of it. Dreaming of a spider in this case could indicate that something is beginning to inspire you and that you should indulge your creative and artistic impulses.

If you are a creative person, consider it might be time to jump on a new project, or breathe life into an old one. If you're not artistic, it could be some innovative idea at work or that you can employ in your life that you find simply inspirational.

Finding Balance

A spider walking on a thin strand of web might be a hint from your subconscious mind that you need to find balance in your life. Spiders are actually very delicate creatures-- if they fall off that web, there is a good chance they'll die.

Perhaps you have been feeling like your life, or some aspect of it, is instable. You're walking a fine line and you need to hang on, or find firmer ground, to take yourself out of the danger zone.


One final consideration is that your spider dream is not at all symbolic, but indicative of a real phobia. If spiders terrify you, and you find yourself facing multiple spiders in your dreams, it's probably not that the world is out plotting against you. It's probably that your fears stem so deep into your subconscious that they are manifesting when you sleep.

This can be a serious concern. Phobias that interfere with your life (such as causing nightmares and insomnia) need to be dealt with before the stress and anxiety take a toll on your health. If you feel that spiders are invading your dreams simply because you are scared of them and can't stop worrying about them, seek a counselor or psychologist to help you deal with these irrational fears.