Your chakras are your body's energy vortexes. From the scalp to the base of the spine lie the major chakras-- seven of them, each corresponding to a different aspect of your life and different parts of your physical body. Keeping these chakras healthy and the energy flowing through them is essential to both physical and mental health.

While there are psychic healers that can help you cleanse your chakras in order to promote healing, you can give yourself little chakra 'tune ups' every week or month. Just as you would give your car tune ups occasionally, this can really help things run smoothly. One great way to tune up those chakras is with crystals.

How Crystals Work:

Each type of crystal vibrates with a unique frequency. Each chakra can be enhanced and cleansed if a crystal with a comparable frequency is placed over that part of the body. Think of it a little like when someone uses a tuning fork to help tune a piano or a guitar-- they try to match the sound vibration of the instrument to the sound vibration of the tuning fork.

Each chakra can be enhanced and cleansed if a crystal with a comparable frequency is placed over that part of the body

Which Crystals to Choose:

Crown Chakra:

located at the top of the head. Best crystal is amethyst, the deeper purple the better.

Brow chakra:

located just above and between the eyebrows. Use Lapis Lazuli or azurite.

Throat chakra:

located in that soft divot above the collar bone. Use turquoise or sodalite.

Heart chakra:

located in the center of the breast right above the heart. Use jade or rose quartz.

Solar plexus:

located just below the breast bone, about a hand's width below the heart. Use citrine.

Spleen chakra:

located just below the belly button. Use Carnelian or orange calcite.

Root chakra:

located at the pelvis, use a garnet or a hematite.

How to Tune Up the Chakras

First cleanse and charge your crystals ahead of time. You can do this by burying them overnight in a bowl of salt. For a quicker cleansing, just run them through sage incense smoke. You can charge them by setting them for a few hours in direct sun light, or under the light of the full moon.

You can do this at bed time, or any time of day. Just make sure you have time to relax. Put on some soft, relaxing music. Burn candles or incense if you like—whatever will relax you and get you into a quiet, peaceful mood.

Lay down somewhere comfortable that you can lay flat on your back—usually, your bed is the best option but you can use the floor if you like. Just put down a mat or folded blanket to ensure comfort.
Place the correct crystal in the correct space. Start with the root chakra and the spleen chakra, then lie back and place all the rest of them.

Lay still for about 15 minutes, meditating and focusing on your breathing or on pleasant thoughts. Just relax and let the chakra do your work. You may feel gentle sensations, such as tingling, humming, warmth or a cool spot—it all depends on the chakra and the crystal, and the adjustment in frequency that the crystal is making. Just don’t be alarmed—it’s perfectly natural and the crystal cannot hurt your chakra.

When you’re done, remove the crystals and cleanse them to prepare them for next time. Do this as often as you like— making it a once per week habit is a great way to keep your chakras healthy and strong.