The Seven Auric Layers

When it comes to the aura, you might envision a cloud or field of energy surrounding the human body, and you’d be correct. But what you may not know is that the auric field is composed of several layers, rather than just one. Each layer corresponds to a chakra and has its own qualities and characteristics. Together they blend to form the total aura. Let’s explore the basic anatomy of the aura and how each level relates to consciousness.

1. The Etheric Layer

This is the first layer closest to your physical body. It emanates from the root or first chakra and forms the connection between your physical and higher bodies. It extends anywhere from one quarter inch to two inches outside the physical body. This layer can indicate potential diseases that will develop in the physical body.

Each layer corresponds to a chakra and has its own qualities and characteristics. Together they blend to form the total aura.

2. The Emotional Layer

This layer corresponds to the solar plexus chakra and resides about one to three inches away from the body. As the name implies, this is where your emotions come into play. How you feel or perceive your feelings will show up on this layer. Any blocks or negative emotions will be seen here, usually as holes or dark spots.

3. The Mental Layer

As this name implies, the third layer relates to the solar plexus chakra and is dependent upon the vibrations or your thoughts and mental processes. It extends about three to eight inches away from the body.

This layer is also influenced by your ego and will power. If you have any self-doubts or limiting beliefs, they will show up here. Likewise if you are confused or lack mental clarity, this layer will be out of balance.

4. The Astral Layer

The astral layer relates to the heart or fourth chakra and is located about twelve inches from the physical body. This layer brings together the lower three and the higher three auric layers, acting as a bridge between the denser physical vibrations and the higher spiritual ones. It is also called the astral body or the entrance to the astral plane.

This is considered the layer of love. Here we understand and express our feelings and relationships with others. Although the second layer pertains to emotions, the fourth gets into the higher octaves of care and compassion. Negative expressions can result in judgments and attacks on the self and others, also known as “hardening your heart.”

5. The Manifestation Layer or Etheric Template

This layer corresponds to the throat or fifth chakra and extends about eighteen inches from the physical body. Here is where you manifest things out of ether into the world. It is the blueprint for everything you create on the physical plane, including your identity or personality.

Negative effects can result in changes on this layer that eventually show up as negative thoughts, emotions, physical disease and distorted personality aspects.

6. The Hologramatic or Celestial Layer

The third eye or sixth chakra corresponds with this layer, approximately twenty-four inches away from the physical body. Your perception and intuition are highlighted here.

Projections and illusions can be understood or distorted based on positive or negative vibrations. It has been said that we exist in a hologram—how you perceive it depends on your consciousness and connection with the divine.

7. The I Am Layer or Ketheric Template

The seventh and final layer is associated with the crown chakra, our ultimate connection with all that is. While the sixth layer is also higher consciousness, the seventh represents unity consciousness—the point where you and the Universe become one. It extends about three feet away from the body.

Negative expressions on this level result in feelings of superiority, isolation and separation from God, others and even the self. Conversely, divine expression will result in true bliss and serenity.