Perhaps one of life’s most cherished gifts is to be blessed with good health. And good health means more than just physical—it’s mental, emotional and spiritual health too.

As holistic beings we have many components that contribute to our well-being. Not to be ignored are the seven main energy centers or chakras. Did you know that your chakras affect every aspect of your health?

The Chakra Connection

The seven main chakras or energy centers each correspond to a particular area of the body. When your chakra’s energy is stagnant, slow or blocked it can show up as a physical ailment or a mental or emotional issue. Even spiritually you may feel less centered or connected to Source. On the other hand when your chakras are in balance and functioning well—so are you. Let’s explore each chakra and it’s influence on health.

The seven main chakras or energy centers each correspond to a particular area of the body. When your chakra’s energy is stagnant, slow or blocked it can show up as a physical ailment or a mental or emotional issue.

The Root Chakra

When not at peak performance, this chakra at the base of the spine can cause issues in the lower body. Hip, knee and leg problems are common. Men may experience impotence or sexual dysfunction. Even obesity and anorexia are sometimes associated with this chakra. Feelings of anxiety, fear and insecurity can arise.

However when in a state of balance, the root chakra provides a firm foundation of good posture along with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength.

The Sacral Chakra

The sacral or belly chakra located below the navel can cause kidney problems, constipation and lower back pain when not functioning properly. Women may experience menstrual issues or sexual problems. Issues of low self-worth, frustration and lack of creativity are also common.

In a healthy state, the sacral chakra ensures proper eliminations, emotional security and feelings of sensual pleasure and satisfaction. Relationships and connections with others are healthy and enjoyable.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

Imbalances in this chakra can cause a variety of ailments. Digestive issues, liver trouble, gallbladder problems, diabetes and food allergies are all potential health issues. This is a center of personal power; so less than optimal functioning can cause feelings of confusion, worry, lack of self-confidence and depression.

When functioning well, food is assimilated and growth and energy are enhanced. Confidence is boosted and a can-do attitude always prevails. Happiness and positivity are easily experienced.

The Heart Chakra

When the heart chakra is out of balance it can result in heart problems, high blood pressure, circulatory issues and even breathing difficulties. Feelings of heartbreak, sorrow, paranoia, and self-pity are often experienced when the heart chakra is affected.

A healthy heart chakra makes for a healthy heart and well-oxygenated blood. Breathing is sound, full and deep. Feelings of peace, happiness and love are felt. Caring, sharing and concern for others is also characteristic of a healthy heart chakra.

The Throat Chakra

The throat chakra when dysfunctional can cause thyroid troubles, sore throats, ear infections and even hearing problems. Upper back pain, inflammation and skin irritations are also possible. This center focuses on communication, so speech difficulties may occur. Feelings of being stifled, silenced or held back are common.

When balanced, the throat chakra enables clear communication and feelings of being acknowledged and heard. The throat and voice are strong, skin is clear and hearing is acute.

The Third Eye Chakra

Problems in this energy center may result in eye problems or issues with brain function. Headaches, dizziness, eyestrain, cataracts and neurological problems are some of the potential troubles associated with the third eye chakra. Imbalances here can cause feelings of fear, isolation and distrust of self and intuition.

A healthy third eye chakra fosters intuition, creativity and confidence. Thoughts are clear, eyes are bright and the nervous system functions well.

The Crown Chakra

This chakra connects us to Source or the Divine. When not functioning properly it can cause ailments similar to those of the third eye chakra, including severely debilitating headaches like migraines. Emotionally, those suffering from crown chakra imbalances may feel lifeless, angry and destructive with a sense of hopelessness and despair.

When functioning at peak performance, the crown chakra fosters a sense of connection with Spirit. Life is seen as a miracle worth living.