The Benefits of Being Spiritual

Are you spiritual? Whether you already are or would like to be, there are plenty of reasons to get on the spiritual bandwagon. Aside from fostering a connection with the Divine, there are some surprising practical benefits to being spiritual. Curious? Read on.

Spiritual People Are Better Lovers

It may or may not surprise you, but spiritual people often make better lovers. Why? Because they are compassionate. Being able to look at another through empathetic eyes fosters a deeper connection—which is critical for lovers. It creates more intimacy and understanding in every aspect of the relationship, including physical lovemaking.

Spiritual people cultivate a sense of gratitude and optimism, which leads to happiness.

Spiritual People Are More Positive

Spiritual people cultivate a sense of gratitude and optimism, which leads to happiness. They rejoice in their union with God, nature, the Universe, or whatever power they identify with. They appreciate life and view it as a gift, making for a more positive outlook.

Spiritual People Are Resilient

That same positivity embraced by spiritual people also helps them when the chips are down. They are more likely to bounce back from challenges and setbacks than people who don’t practice some form of spirituality.

Spiritual people know that life’s problems are more than just things to overcome. Difficulties are blessings in disguise that give the soul a chance to learn, grow and deal with karmic debts. Seeing the big spiritual picture helps foster resilience.

Spiritual People Thrive

Spiritual people flourish in practically all areas of life. Researchers are finding that there is a connection between spirituality and one’s physical and psychological health. It’s even been suggested that older people who attend religious or spiritual services live longer!

Overall, spiritual people have greater meaning and purpose in life. They don’t chase after material things, empty relationships, or mindless activities. As a result they succeed in the areas that really matter—and they thrive!

Spiritual People Enjoy Life More

A big secret of spiritual people is that they know how to live in the present moment. They don’t dwell on the past or continually worry about the future. By appreciating what they have in the here and now, they tend to enjoy life more. And if life does throw them a curve ball, they always remember that they are a “spiritual being having a human experience.” That puts in all into perspective.