Each and every one of us has a unique spiritual vibration that we bring to this planet. However once we’re here we can get bogged down by the fear and negativity that exists on this plane. To combat this effect you’ll want to raise your spiritual vibration.

Examine Your Environment

If you want to raise your spiritual vibration, first take a good look at your current environment. Is it conducive to developing good energy and spiritual vibrations? If you live or work in a place that is negative, stressful or just plain lifeless, that will contribute to lowering your frequency. Ask yourself some honest questions. Do you feel good in this environment? Is it positively contributing to your health and well-being? Or do you feel uneasy, stifled or saddened by time spent here?

Raising your spiritual vibration is easy once you develop awareness of your environment and yourself!

We know from the Law of Attraction that like attracts like, but that also refers to resonance. People, just like objects, vibrate at a certain rate individually. Gather them all in the same environment and they will affect each other. If the surroundings tend to be on the negative or low vibrational side, then everyone will begin to match that frequency. So logically, if you spend time in a low vibrational environment, eventually your vibrations will become lower too.

Ideally, in order to raise your spiritual vibration you’ll want to change your environment. That may mean spending less time in places that drag you down or eliminating them from your life totally.

Develop Your Awareness

If you can’t rid yourself of a low vibrational environment, then you must do your best to avoid resonating with it. Developing your awareness is essential. Learn to become conscious of your thoughts and feelings when dealing with such environments. If you notice yourself getting down, feeling tired, angry or frustrated, then catch yourself and take a step back.

Recognize when these feelings occur and listen to any internal dialogue your may have. Also ask yourself whether these feelings and impressions came on rather suddenly or if you’ve had them for a while. Did they seem to get worse as you spent more time in this environment? The idea is to understand if and when your environment is affecting your vibrational rate.

Use Some Helpful Tools and Coping Skills

As you become more aware of your environment you may notice that it is truly affecting your spiritual vibration. While the best option is to spend less time in such surroundings, there are some things you can do to cope.

Start by building up your “vibrational immunity.” If you have a strong spiritual vibration to start with, you’ll be less likely to resonate with a negative environment. The best way to do this is through meditation. By quieting your mind you are able to get in touch with Spirit and your Higher Self. This alone with strengthen you and your unique spiritual vibration.

Another technique is to work with your spirit guides. Calling on your guides or the angels can help you raise your vibration. All you need to do is ask. They will either give you a quick tune up to help raise your frequency or they will inspire you to take the correct action to do it yourself.

Find something that makes you smile. When your vibe is low, nothing works quicker than a smile or laugh. Some people get a lift from looking at a photo of a loved one or pet. Others read something funny or inspirational. Whatever it is, keep it handy and reach for it when you’re feeling low.

Connect with nature or positive people. You can resonate with positive environments just as easily as negative ones. Being among higher frequencies will help you raise your spiritual vibration.

Raising your spiritual vibration is easy once you develop awareness of your environment and yourself!