You’ve probably heard of a bucket list— heck, you might even have one. Bucket lists used to be something associated with the terminally ill or the people who looked death in the eye and lived to tell about it. Now it seems everyone and their mother is making one.

You may even have more than one type of a bucket list—a career bucket list for what you hope to accomplish with your work, possibly with your education. You may have a personal achievement bucket list that outlines your desires like climbing Mount Everest or finally finishing your scrapbook. You may have a home & garden bucket list that contains all those nagging decorating and home improvement projects you’d love to get done. Have you ever thought about having a spiritual bucket list, though?

The great thing about bucket lists is that they are very personal—there is no right or wrong item, it’s only your own needs and desires.

Why You Need to get a Spiritual Bucket List

Bucket lists are very useful things. If you’re not familiar with the term, a bucket list comes from the slang term ‘kick the bucket’ (dying). It’s essentially a list of things you would like to do before you die. A bucket list is not meant to be morbid, despite the name. It’s actually meant to be a way of embracing life and making the most out of it. It gives you a place in which you can really verbalize all your dreams and accomplishments in a structured but casual way.

Most of us are quick to put a lot of goals down on the calendar and work toward them, but spiritual matters often get leftover, to be pursued later or in free time. This is unfortunate, considering how important your spirituality is in relation to every aspect of your life. Having it in a bucket list is a constant reminder to make attempts to move forward and progress spiritually.

How to Make a Spiritual Bucket List

Some people actually write their goals on strips of paper and throw them in a small bucket they leave in a prominent place, to remind them to go through it regularly. If you don’t want to use a bucket or pail, you can always put them in a box, a cookie jar or a vase. The object that contains the list should be kept out in the open.

Another great way to keep a spiritual bucket list is to get a big blank notebook or journal and write one goal at the top of each page. Write the ones that you have right now, and you can always add more later as you think of them.

That way, as you accomplish each item on your list, you can go back to the page and journal about the experience so it’s recorded for future evaluation.

What Kinds of Things Go On a Spiritual Bucket List

The great thing about bucket lists is that they are very personal—there is no right or wrong item, it’s only your own needs and desires. Some things you might consider putting on your bucket list include:

- Taking a course or retreat

- Reading a certain book or scripture

- Creating an altar or shrine in your home

- Practicing regular meditation

- Fasting, periods of abstinence from any number of thing

- Finding a spiritual home or community

- Angel or spirit guide communications

- Studying for the clergy, ministry or pastoral positions

- Getting a psychic to draw up your astrological chart

- Learning the Tarot, palm reading or crystal scrying

- Experimenting with your chakras, lucid dreaming or


This is by no means a comprehensive list, and probably as you complete some things on your list you will think of a dozen more. Starting your list is a great way to get the ball rolling, though, to help remind you to keep striving for your spiritual goals.