Is your home suffering from a case of bad vibes? If you and your spouse have had one too many arguments or you bring home a bad attitude from the office, chances are your home has picked up some negative energy.

These unfavorable vibrations can accumulate practically anywhere in your home: in furniture, carpets and even in the air. Fortunately you can rid your home of these negative vibes quickly and easily by working with the four elements.


Using air is one of the easiest ways to cleanse your home. Start by opening all the windows in the house and let the cleansing breezes blow right on in. Leave them open all day if you possibly can. If not, as little as an hour or two can clear out a ton of bad energy debris.

These unfavorable vibrations can accumulate practically anywhere in your home: in furniture, carpets and even in the air.

You can also use air to help carry sound vibrations to break up negative vibrations. Since ancient times, people often used sound to dispel evil spirits and remove negativity. You can do the same easily by ringing a bell or clapping your hands. Hanging a set of wind chimes is another great option.


The earth can also help you remove negative energy in your home. Adding plants to your living space can help clear out those bad vibes while also freshening the air. Although any plant will help, some of the best air filtering plants include Peace Lily, Bamboo Palm and Golden Pothos or Devil’s Ivy.

The earth has also given us an abundance of crystals to use for this purpose. Amethyst, clear quartz, black obsidian, citrine and carnelian are just a few that can transmute and repel negative energy. Place them in the corners of your house or near the entrance to ward off those bad vibes.

Salt in another gift from the earth that can clear energetic debris. You can use rock salt, sea salt or regular salt. Put some in a small dish and place in an inconspicuous corner of the room. You can leave it there indefinitely. You can also sprinkle it around the house on the carpets. Let it sit for a few hours, then vacuum.


Fire has always been a powerful tool for purification and using it in your home is as simple as lighting a candle. Before you light your candle, say a prayer or give an invocation to clear the negativity from your house. You can also walk from room to room with your candle, repeating your prayer or intent.

If you are fortunate enough to have a fireplace in your home, put it to good use. Start a good roaring fire and let it burn. If you’d like you can also say a prayer or invocation before lighting it. Sitting in front of the fire and meditating will help you clear the negativity in your mind as well as your home.


Water is the universal solvent. Not only will it dissolve chemical compounds, it will dissolve negative energy. We’ve all heard about Holy Water and its properties for blessing and healing. It also works on bad vibrations.

You can obtain Holy Water from a church or buy it online. Better yet, make your own. Take some pure water and put it in a container. Then leave it out in the sunshine for a few hours. Other options include infusing the water with holy basil leaves, flower essences or essential oils. Or you can simply hold your hands over the water while you pray over it.

Once your Holy Water is ready, you can go around the house sprinkling it along the carpets and in the air. You can also put your Holy Water in a spray bottle and liberally spritz throughout your home.

Ridding your home of negative energy is easy when you have the four elements on your side. Use one or use them all for a happy home!