We all know the saying, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Dealing with negative situations can be challenging to say the least. No matter how difficult or bleak a position may seem, there is always a glimmer of hope. If you look hard enough you can find a positive ray of light in the darkness. You have the power to put a positive spin on a negative situation.

Reframing the Picture

Have you ever had an old picture or photo that needed a new frame? Perhaps the old frame was tarnished, broken or just plain ugly. When you replaced the frame, how did the picture look? Was it better? Did is seem fresh and revived somehow? Maybe you’ve even looked at an old painting at a garage sale or antique store that didn’t seem like much until you changed the frame. Then all of a sudden you realized it wasn’t so bad after all.

Life situations can be a lot like pictures and frames. You might see the whole thing as negative and ugly until you change the frame. In this case the frame is your attitude. How you see things has a big influence on their power over you. Granted this analogy is very simple when you’re faced with a huge adversity, but it can serve as a reminder for you to observe your thoughts.

Life situations can be a lot like pictures and frames. You might see the whole thing as negative and ugly until you change the frame.

Have you ever noticed that some people even in the face of tragedy still see something positive in the experience? During hurricanes Sandy and Katrina, thousands of people lost their homes and possessions. Yet many of them saw the positive side of living through it and knowing their families remained alive and safe. In spite of the devastation, they kept their focus on family and rebuilding. Now that’s quite a positive spin!

You can be inspired to do the same. When dealing with a problematic situation, take a good look at it. See if you can reframe the picture in any way. Ask yourself some questions. Is there anything good that can come out of this dilemma? Is there something that can be learned? Perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise.

Maybe the problem isn’t so bad after all. It could just be your initial reaction to it. Be patient with yourself and examine all the angles. There’s a positive in there somewhere waiting for you to find it. You have the power!

Keeping the Faith

While reframing your perceptions play a big part in putting a positive spin on things, don’t discount your faith. Whether you are religious, spiritual or neither, your belief has a huge impact on surviving and surpassing any situation.

Whether it’s belief in God, a higher power, or yourself and others, it’s a very important quality to have and maintain. This faith can help bolster you through the tough times and give you power to see the gifts and lessons in the challenges. Faith is a great support system to help you stay positive.

While you’re “keeping the faith” don’t forget about others who share that faith with you. Look to like-minded people or friends and family for support. They can offer a different perspective on a negative situation and maybe even put a positive spin on it for you! Sometimes we don’t see the glass as half full until someone else points it out to us. Let them help you keep the faith!

Staying Power

Ultimately you have the power to put a positive spin on any negative situation. You are in control. Even if you can’t control the situation, you can control your thoughts and reactions towards it. That’s extremely powerful!

Keep that power going by reminding yourself. Remember the lemonade quote and seek out other inspirational words and stories. Also look back on prior life challenges that you overcame. It will give you confidence and staying power throughout your struggles. You can choose to see these things in a positive way. It’s your world. Put a positive spin on it!