Spirit guides are all alike, right? Wrong. Believe it or not, there are actually different kinds of spirit guides you can work with to achieve your life’s goals and desires. While there is the potential for a variety of spirit guides, here are 4 well known types that can help you.

1. Primary Spirit Guide

Your primary spirit guide was assigned to your before your birth. This guide is akin to a guardian angel. This guide stays with you for life and is responsible for taking care of you while you are on your earthly journey.

Just like your primary guide, your personal spirit guide or guides were assigned prior to your incarnation.

This guide can exhibit either masculine or feminine energy and generally has a personality that is compatible with yours. Before you incarnated, your higher self got together with this entity and you both made an agreement regarding his or her role as a primary guide. You can ask this guide for help in any matter, and he or she will gladly oblige.

2. Personal Spirit Guide

Just like your primary guide, your personal spirit guide or guides were assigned prior to your incarnation. A personal spirit guide acts as a lifetime assistant for a specific life skill or experience. For example, you might have a spirit guide who’s savvy in business because your higher self planned to have a business role in this lifetime. Or you could have a guide that specializes in compassion because that is a focus for you during this lifetime.

3. Helper Guide

Ever need help with certain tasks on a regular basis? Maybe you always have trouble dealing with daily traffic, or you worry about having a safe and timely commute. You can work with a guide for that! Just ask for a helper guide. This type of guide is not assigned at birth, but acts as an employee so to speak. You hire your helper on a long-term basis to assist you with whatever you need.

4. Temporary or Situational Guide

Maybe you only need a guide for a short time or to get you through a unique situation. There’s a guide for that, too! Say you get in an accident and break your leg. A temporary or situational guide can come in to help you. He or she will aid your recovery. Once you are healed, the guide leaves to help someone else in a similar situation.