We often hear that “life is a journey.” As we go along, we learn and pick up things and experiences. That is wonderful for our growth as beings.

Sometimes however, we continue carrying things along with us that weigh us down and make the journey harder. It’s often called “baggage.” What are you carrying with you in life that’s slowing down your journey?

Baggage Claim

If you’ve ever taken a long out of town trip by plane you might find that your luggage is heavier on the way back than when you left. Usually you come back with souvenirs or other extras that you picked up along the way. Life is like that too. On life’s journey you pick up experiences, knowledge, and lots of other “stuff.”

Once you go to baggage claim and grab your luggage you might think, “Did I really need all this extra stuff?” Then you proceed to drag it along with you back home. In many ways we drag around our baggage from life with us as we try to move on. Many times we carry around stuff that we no longer need.

It’s tough to let go of mental and emotional baggage. Sometimes we don’t even realize we are carrying it around!

Letting Go

It’s tough to let go of mental and emotional baggage. Sometimes we don’t even realize we are carrying it around! But once we release it, we sure do notice a difference! Letting go makes us feel freer, lighter and full of hope.

So what are you holding onto that no longer serves you? Is it a job? A relationship? Or maybe a way of thinking or behaving? Maybe it’s actual physical stuff that is cluttering up your home and life. Take a good look at yourself and your environment to see what you’ve been holding onto that no longer serves you.

If you’re having trouble getting started, try this exercise. Start clearing out some physical clutter. Start with something small like a purse or a junk drawer in your desk or kitchen. Go through the purse or drawer and decide what no longer serves you in that small space.

You may be surprised at what you find and what you get rid of! Once you’re finished examine your feelings. Do you feel lighter? Do you feel a sense of accomplishment?

This little exercise serves as a microcosm or representation of the bigger picture. Starting with something small will inspire you to tackle the larger life issues. This small action sends a message to the Universe that you are on the path of letting go. This energy will gain momentum and you’ll move on to identifying more things that no longer serve you.

Keep Going

As you move along with this process you may find that you are not ready to let go of certain things just yet. That’s perfectly ok! This is a process. You wouldn’t throw away a whole suitcase on a trip just because it’s weighing you down. You would leave out items so it was lighter and easier to carry. It’s like that with your life’s journey. Small steps can lead to big progress.

As you continue to let go, be grateful for what you are leaving behind. Those experiences have helped to shape who you are. See if you’ve learned any lessons from them. For example if you are letting go of a friendship, understand that you two were brought together for a reason.

You probably had some great times together, but now your paths have changed and the relationship no longer serves you. Thank Spirit and this person for whatever experiences you had together, bless them and release them.

You may feel some sadness and even grief when you let go of what no longer serves you. We form attachments to those experiences and things. They become part of us, so when you let them go, you are letting a part of yourself go as well. It’s ok to grieve for a time, but remember you are growing while you do this. A positive future awaits you!