We all could use a little extra help in life. Whether it’s something as simple as finding a parking space to a major decision like a career move, angels and spirit guides are ready, willing and able to help us.

If you truly believe that these spiritual beings exist, they can assist you in practically every area of your life. So how can you communicate with angels and spirit guides?


You’re already equipped to communicate with spiritual beings. In fact you are already a spiritual being yourself! The main difference is that you are here in an earthly body.

Dealing with solid matter in the three dimensional world can slow down vibrations which makes it a little more challenging to sense spiritual energies while on earth. But you can do it!

You’re already equipped to communicate with spiritual beings. In fact you are already a spiritual being yourself!

Most people assume that you have to be born with special intuitive gifts to communicate with guides. Not so! While some people like psychics often have their intuitive channels open at birth, we all have the ability to sense guides. Some of us just need to develop the ability more than others.

So basically, you don’t need any special tools to receive spiritual guidance. The key is to quiet your mind and trust any impressions you receive. That is the challenge.

To help you focus and develop your intuition, consider starting a meditation practice. It can help quiet your mind so you can pick up the subtle messages and vibrations from angels and guides. If you don’t like to meditate, then try a mind relaxing activity. It may sound childish, but coloring is a great way to simulate the focus achieved through meditation.

Also pay attention to any impressions or intuitive messages you receive from now on. The idea is to become more aware of changes in energy so that you can pick up on signals coming from your guides.

Do you know when your gut tells you something? Do you get tingly feelings when something is about to happen? Honor those experiences, they indicate that your intuitive channels are opening up and working.


So now that you know you have the tools to communicate with angels and spirit guides, how do you actually do it? There is really no set method. The power of your intention coupled with a clear mental request is all that’s really needed.

You can say something like, “Angels and spirit guides please help me with (state your request).” Some of us may not feel confident enough to do that, so there are other methods you can try. Find what works best for you. Eventually you will develop your own communication style and feel confident.

One method to try is meditation. Formulate your question or request and then proceed to meditate. You may receive a mental image or hear words in your head as an answer. Or something may come to you later after the meditation is over.

Dream work is another option. Before going to sleep, state your request and ask the angels to speak to you in your dreams. Keep a journal or notebook by your bed to record any messages you received from your dreams.

Finally, experiment with automatic writing. Grab a pen and paper or use a journal. State your intention and ask your guides to come to you through writing. Then start writing whatever comes into your head whether it makes sense or not. Keep writing until you’re done and then go back and read it. You may be surprised at the answers you get!

Interpreting Messages

Sometimes interpreting spiritual messages is more difficult than the actual communication. Odd feelings, fuzzy thoughts and confusing meanings can really have you wondering. Don’t despair; you will get better at interpreting messages. Angelic guidance can take many forms. It may be felt as a gut instinct, a nagging feeling or in little synchronicities. Just be open and aware to the subtle changes in energy around you.

Angels and spirit guides are all around us. Communicating with them takes some practice, but it is worth the effort. They want to help you in all aspects of your life. Let them help you!

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