Looking to bring more wealth and prosperity into your life? Whether seeking more money or better financial opportunities, the arrangement of your living space can impact your “wealth energy.” The placement of items within your home can affect the energy or “chi” in your life.

The ancient Chinese practice of feng shui is actually based on this concept. In addition to feng shui there are many metaphysical principles you can use within your home to attract wealth. Here are some ideas you can start using right away.

Make Room and Open the Vault

Think about a bank vault holding large amounts of money and valuables. Aside from being well guarded, it takes up space and has a huge steel door. In order for you to bring that kind of wealth into your home, you need to devote some space for wealth energy to enter. You don’t need room for an entire vault, but you do need room for energy to move. Clear out any clutter in your home and get rid of old unwanted items.

Consciously create space to attract prosperity. Think about how you are making room for more money and cleaning will seem a lot easier!

Consciously create space to attract prosperity. Think about how you are making room for more money and cleaning will seem a lot easier! Also consider the doors of your home as doors to the bank vault. Make sure doors open easily and are not blocked in any way. Feng shui experts suggest that opening doors invites in financial opportunity. If you have a home office, be especially mindful of this since it represents your income.

Furniture and objects should be thoughtfully arranged. Besides avoiding clutter, make sure furniture isn’t overcrowded. There should be space for energy to flow throughout each room and around each piece. Although storage space may be at a minimum, try to avoid putting things under beds and sofas as it can disrupt energy flow. If that’s not possible at least ensure it’s neat and organized.

Decorate for Prosperity

Choose furniture and accessories that symbolize money, wealth and prosperity. By doing this you are using the law of attraction. Essentially you are showing the universe what your want through the décor in your home. If you are familiar with vision boards or collages, create one for your home that represents wealth. Use photos and magazine cutouts symbolizing what you want. If that’s not your thing, try looking for paintings or prints that suggest prosperity to you.

Feng shui practitioners recommend water and fish to attract wealth energy. Consider ocean themes, but make sure the waters are calm and flowing. You want that energy for your financial picture too!
In addition to artwork consider a table top fountain. The flowing water attracts wealth vibrations and is soothing to the senses. An aquarium is another option, but be sure to keep it pristine and stock it with strong healthy fish. Remember this symbolizes your financial health.

Some other objects you may wish to incorporate for wealth energy include: jewelry boxes, piggy banks, treasure chests, decorative crystals or crystal chandeliers. Also think about accessories that appear expensive and suggest richness: silk pillows, luxurious fabrics, etc.

Even a sumptuous fruit bowl on the table will work. It suggests the prosperity and abundance of a harvest, which will overflow into your life. Plants are also an excellent addition to your home. A money tree plant is an obvious choice, but according to feng shui principles any plant with round leaves works well. Remember to choose things that represent the wealth you seek.

Money Colors

Using color in your home is an easy and inexpensive way to bring in wealth energy. Colors are both symbolic and receptive to particular energy vibrations. In the United States we associate green with money and wealth, so this is a great color to use. Practically any shade will work, but many people are partial to a natural plant or grass green. Besides attracting money energy it is very life affirming. Golds and purples also work well as they are reminiscent of royalty and wealth. Red is considered lucky and prosperous in the feng shui tradition. Choose colors you enjoy and go with your intuition.


After you’ve arranged your living space, be sure to set your intention for wealth. Thank the universe in advance for bringing new wealth and financial opportunities to you. Most of all trust in the universe and yourself!