Just about everyone has dreamed of the faceless stranger at one time or another. It’s not that he or she doesn’t have a face, it’s just that in your dream for some reason you can’t see it (even when looking straight at it) or you just can’t remember a single feature of it.

Sometimes the faceless stranger appears to help, and sometimes he or she appears to be a threat. Sometimes the faceless stranger takes action, and sometimes stands around like a neutral observer.

Who is this mysterious figure, and why does he keep showing up in dreamland? Consider these possibilities.

The Stranger

Billy Joel once had a popular song called, “The Stranger.” He crooned about how each and every one of us has a side to ourselves that we don’t show anyone else—sometimes we don’t even show ourselves. This stranger is the hidden part of ourselves that lives deep within.

When the stranger in your dream lacks a face, it could say something about how you perceive your own identity.

Joel was not off; in dream symbolism, a stranger is the classic archetype that represents a part of you. Whenever you see strangers in your dream, those strangers represent parts of you that are hidden, or that you repress.

Who is the Faceless Stranger?

When the stranger in your dream lacks a face, it could say something about how you perceive your own identity. You don’t know what it is, basically. You need to ‘find yourself’, for want of a better term. You need to reflect on who you really are, and you need to dig deeper within yourself to find out.

Another possibility for the stranger being faceless is that you’re dealing with parts of yourself that you are really not familiar with—probably because you feel very uncomfortable showing these sides of your personality.

What is the Stranger Doing?

What the stranger is doing in your dream is very significant, because that shows you how you feel about that ‘faceless’ side of yourself.
Is the faceless stranger threatening you? Is he chasing you or trying to hurt you? Do you find yourself in a physical struggle with him?

If so, you’re having an internal conflict. There are sides of yourself that are struggling to emerge or that you are struggling to make sense of on a subconscious level.

Is the stranger helping you? Is he leading you to answers, or somewhere you need to go? Is he giving you information, or giving you things like gifts or offerings?

If this is the case, then this is a part of you that has insights and wisdom that you don’t yet understand. You don’t know where it got it or where it’s coming from, but you should listen to that unfamiliar part of yourself.

Showing Affection

Any affection you show to the faceless stranger—love, hugging, kissing, etc.—indicates that you are ready to learn about and embrace that part of yourself. You no longer want to bury it or hide it, you want to bring it out into the open, explore it and get comfortable with these new emerging aspects of your personality.

In the Strangers Lair

If your stranger leads you to his own home, or some kind of hidden away place, it means that this ‘faceless’ part of yourself is associated with memories, emotions and fears that you’ve repressed. You need to come to terms with them and confront them if you want to re-integrate the stranger into yourself.

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