Earth, air, fire and water are considered the four alchemical, or classical, elements believed to make up all of the universe and everything in it.

This is not literally true, but symbolically true, as the elements symbolize many important concepts that are embedded in our subconscious minds. This is why they sometimes can show up in our dreams.


Earth is not just the symbol of the very planet on which you live and breathe, but all that the planet means to you. It is the solid ground beneath your feet, the fertile land from which all things you need spring.

As such, the element of earth represents things to do with practical matters and material goods. It can symbolize necessities like food and shelter, money and finances or the hard work that may be required to obtain such things.

It reminds us of our bodies, and our own mortality— ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Earth is not just the symbol of the very planet on which you live and breathe, but all that the planet means to you.

The Planet

When the vast land of the earth is showing up in your dreams, your subconscious is urging you to get grounded. It may be encouraging you to settle down and get stable with a home, job or family.

Mountains may represent obstacles that you must, or have recently, overcome. If you’re stuck on a mountain in a dream, it could be nudging you to get your head out of the clouds, come down to earth and be more realistic.

To find yourself viewing the entire planet, like an astronaut in outer space, speaks of your consciousness- you’re thinking globally, you’re seeing the big picture. If the view is obstructed, you’re having trouble with thinking on a more universal level.


Rocks are a part of the earth; they’re solid and strong. They represent something that is a permanent fixture— something that you count on like a person, a relationship, a place or your belongings.

Rocks can be obstacles as well. If you’re climbing great rocks, the dream speaks of your efforts to overcome those obstacles. If the rocks are in your way, then those obstacles are impeding your progress.


Soil depends on how it shows up in a dream; on the one hand, it represents your own growth. Fertile soil is the mind and body that is ready to work and achieve.

This is especially true if the soil is in a garden or on a farm. You’re working hard, being practical and tending to matters, most likely career matters or domestic matters.

If your garden or farm is failing with dying crops or growing weeds, it’s not a good sign. You have these matters under control.

On the other hand, dreaming of being soiled could mean you feel “dirty”. Perhaps you have done something unscrupulous and feel guilty.

Perhaps you have sexual phobias or anxieties. If something you own is dirty, or if your own body is dirty in your dream, you are see it as impure.


When the very ground is shaking in your dreams, it indicates you’re seriously feeling shaken up or living an unstable life. You feel out of control, at the mercy of the world around you. You’re overwhelmed by the challenges at hand.

Earthquakes can also be warning you of suppressed anger that’s rumbling under the surface, threatening to break loose.

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