Manifestation: Believe and Then Relax

There are pieces to the journey of manifestation. The first is the meditation and prayer, the second is to clarify your message and feel what you are asking for. The third is to believe. Feeling, knowing and believing that you will achieve. You will need to allow patience to flow through your soul.

Feeling, knowing and believing that you will achieve

Breathe Easy

It is important for you to now understand that you cannot rush what is meant to be. Plowing headlong into an obsession will push your manifestation away. Let go of the intensity of the desire and revel in understanding that the universe is listening. You do not have to be a mover and a shaker, but instead, a gardener. You will need to allow it to blossom, develop and grow.

Time Has No Relevance

You will need to comprehend that time is only relevant to we mortals. Your message will have conveyed the feeling and experience, but also an expectation to receive. Watch for the signs around you for validation; they may be small, but everything is significant. Things may not always be as they seem, but they will be available in small and large moments.