11:11. Make a wish! Many believe that this number holds significant spiritual meaning. It is indicative of the time to pay attention to now, revel in the gifts of the present moment, or search deep within yourself for an answer. It may be a sign that something is to come, or is already in the process of fruition, to ask for guidance from higher powers. I prefer to think that it is a sign that you are on the right path, and things are coming together, whether personally or in a greater context.

In the practice of numerology, 11 is the number that is the most intuitive


In the practice of numerology, 11 is the number that is the most intuitive. It represents insight, a path to the subconscious, internal illumination, sensitivity, shyness, nervous energy, and the impracticality of the dreamer. It is a “master number” that is not reduced to one digit. It bears double the significance of the number 1, embodying our ability to push the envelope of human potential, a merging of the best within us. Seeing this number doubled, then, must be significant in and of itself. It is a sign that you can now test the limits of your own potential or that, which lies within us all.

This Is A Powerful Time

1111 is the perfect combination of both spiritual and scientific. Nothing is by mistake and if this numerical significance is happening in your life with frequency, the message is significant enough to have you take notice, and to do something great. When you notice this sequence of numbers, stop and take notice, make a realistic wish and be patient for it to come to fruition. Say a prayer when you see 1111, which can present itself through many different forms not just on clocks. This is a powerful time that the universe is speaking to you, stop and take notice of where you are at and give thanks for the life you have!